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Written on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In short, this is the best bi-phase makeup remover that I’ve ever had.

Product Description

The bottle is blue, the top is screw on with a protection against accidental opening.

The liquid is transparent. The smell is standard for such types of products.

The volume of the bottle is 4.2 fl oz (125 ml).

The only complaint that I have for this product is that the bottle doesn’t have a stopper inside, just a wide neck and that’s all. When I started using the product, I spilled it a few times.

The price for the bottle is $20.00, but there are often discounts.



Before use, the bottle should be shaken well. After that the liquid becomes white and seems to be lathering.


Makeup removal:

✔ I don’t wear waterproof makeup, but I have to say that this product does its job well with my regular makeup, which consists of a mascara and an eyeliner.

✔ There aren’t any black stains or residue left on my eyes, even after washing my face with water.

✔ By the way, the manufacturer advises rinsing off the remover with warm water. This is the first time when I encountered such a requirement, but I have a confession that I sometimes neglect this demand. Nothing bad has ever happened with my face. My under eye skin hasn’t become dry or anything.

✔ The product is pleasant to use: my eyes aren’t irritated, but at the same time the product effectively dissolves all my makeup, so there is practically no need to rub the skin. It feels like this Smashbox bi-phase makeup remover is a little bit more oily in comparison with many other makeup removers that I’ve tried. But my eyes always feel comfortable and there’s no oily film left behind.

We will conduct a standard experiment: let’s take different cosmetics and try to wash it off.

mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow gel
mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow gel
5 leave the cotton ball for 5 seconds on my skin and then take it off
5 leave the cotton ball for 5 seconds on my skin and then take it off
If you look very close, then you’ll see a barely noticeable trace of lipstick left on my skin (which is practically impossible to wash off with any other makeup remover as well), all the rest has come off easily.


★★★ As a result: the bi-phase makeup remover from Smashbox is super nice to use. In addition to its effectiveness, I also appreciate its careful performance on my sensitive under eye skin. The price is not the lowest, but for such a good quality product, which lasts 4-5 months by the way, it is worth splurging on.

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vmash recommends Smashbox It’s a Wrap! Waterproof Makeup Remover

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Brand: Smashbox
Category: Skin Care
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