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Written on Monday, November 20, 2017
Pros: and shoe wash, easy and quick to wash off, great for dusting, no fibres on the face
Cons: doesn't remove all kinds of makeup, doesn’t wash off mascara at the roots of my eyelas, needs to be changed every three months, pricey


Recently I received a beauty box where I found this GLOW product. I have it in the smallest size which is called Quick Treat.


I can remember those days when everybody was ready to die for this product and there were so many rave reviews, so when I opened the beauty box and found this glove in there, I was utterly happy.


Here are the sounding promises of the product:

GLOV On-the-go makes your life much easier – looking glamorous as it cleanse your skin. Designed to meet the needs of the contemporary woman. It performs great as a travelling accessory or as a secret ally in your daily routine.

The secret lays in the fibers. Made with microtechnology, GLOV fibers are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 thinner than a human hair. Their electrostatistic abilities absorb all makeup like a magnet till you wash the GLOV. GLOV fibres are antibacterial in their nature so they are always safe for you during the 3 months of usage. The skin remains clean and refreshed.


This is a small plastic package the glove was packed in.


Outer appearance and fabric:


This product is good for one finger. But sometimes I use two fingers for the product to sit well and not to be too loose. The fabric feels very soft to the skin, it doesn’t scratch it and never sheds. The seams are fine and almost invisible. The product is ergonomic and pleasant to hold in hands.

Well, in a word, as soon as I take this glove in my hands, I have an instant desire to wash my makeup off. Smile


More details:


For me the most difficult thing in makeup removal is to wash off the products from my eyes, and especially my eyelashes. I usually remove my makeup with a face wash and cleansing oil. And most frequently I follow these two steps:


➀ I remove makeup from my eyes with micellar water or eye makeup remover

➁ The I wash makeup off with a face wash or cleanser from my face


And these two steps can be interchangeable. I mean I can easily do ➁ and then if I see a “panda” reflection in the mirror I follow the # ➀ step.


As for the makeup I wear, it usually consists of foundation, powder, brow pencil, eyeshadows (rarely) and of course mascara (three layers preferably + eyelash serum before mascara)


All in all, my makeup looks like this:


And a closer shot of my eyelashes for you too see how thick they are:


Why and how to use the GLOV product?


They say this glove is an irreplaceable thing while travelling. And yes, I can say that it works, I mean the sounding promises and hype. They say it’s uber convenient to take only this product with you and no more products to remove your makeup fully, as water can be found almost everywhere.


How to use

➊ Put the glove on your finger or fingers and place under water



➋ Wring out excess water



➌ Squeeze out a little and start removing your makeup. I usually start with the most difficult - eyelashes. I don’t rub them, since I love my eyelashes and really need them the next day, I gently touch my eyes with the glove and take away. When I do it, the water drains from the glove and is always draining from my hands, arms and even elbows.


And then, the glove looks like this


And after I remove my whole eye makeup with the cloth, I see the following



➍After that, I turn the product the other side and star removing my makeup from off face.



✮✮✮ And everything seems to be good and great about this glove, but all the process of makeup removing has taken about 15 minutes! 15 minutes!!! That’s too long ✮✮✮


But that’s not all. After you remove your makeup you’ll have to wash the glove and hang it to dry. Thank God it doesn’t take up much time to wash and I easily do it with soap. Don’t forget that you always have to take the product away once it dries, to keep it clean and hygienic till the next use.


Why do I need to do all those things? I truly don’t understand!




Well, the result is undoubtedly there and I can say that my skin is clean after I use this glove. It isn’t squeaky clean, but still. I like the massage effect it gives while using, as it also works as an exfoliator of the dead cells. And the lashes are the most difficult to remove makeup from. And to wash them off thoroughly I have to spend a lot of time.



The product works. But still I have a question why should I use this product? Why should I spend another 15 minutes on my makeup removal, stand with my arms watered till the elbows, when I can easily remove my makeup with micellar water and facial cleanser within a couple of minutes, even if I wear 10 layers of mascara and the most long lasting matte liquid lipstick ever?

And yeah, I won’t have to wash and dry the cotton pad after the process, I’ll just throw it away.

I also heard that some girls adore this product as it allows you dotly correct your makeup during the day, without making you wash it off fully. Well, here I may be agree with them, yet, for my whole life I’ve never experienced a situation where I had to remove my foundation only from the right cheek, for example. Sounds weird.

I do sometimes smudge my mascara during application or use too much of a concealer, but then I prefer using a Q-tip, as it’s smaller, better and doesn’t require washing off.

So, I can conclude that the product is more a threat than a need hence I don’t recommend it.



I’ve already mentioned that I found it in a beauty box, but I was so curious of its price that I googled and found out the smallest size of the glove costs about $5. Well, my micellar water costs $3 + a pack of cotton pads for $1 will last me for good and there’s no need to wash, dry and spend ages on the process of makeup removing.


Thank you!

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