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Written on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Pros: de-tangling, glossy shine, good nourishing, natural ingredients, smell

Right off the bat I want to say that I assess this conditioner with 5 stars and truly recommend it! It’s just an astonishing product. Smile

Product description:

  • Protection for Color Treated Hair

  • 100% Vegan/Wheat & Gluten Free

Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Conditioner is a fast-penetrating, natural conditioner which is able to protect both color and non-color treated hair from damage done by environmental stressors such as the sun. The powerful antioxidants-Resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract-are able to act as antioxidant UV filters to protect the hair.

Suggested Use

Apply a small amount evenly to your hair, distributing evenly. Wait two minutes. Rinse with warm water. Use with Desert Essence Organics Italian Red Grape Shampoo to get optimal results.


Color variations in product may occur due to natural ingredients.

Packaging: The conditioner is packed in a soft squeeze tube of a magnificent purple color. The top cap closes and opens well. The nozzle is good as it doesn't make the product come out squirting and I don’t have to press too tightly to get the product out.

The texture of the product is slippery and easy to spread over my hair. Judging by the consistency and texture, I wouldn’t say that the product is organic. But it actually is. Smile

The aroma of the conditioner is very pleasant. It’s sweet, sugary yet sour and fresh. This is a real grape aroma.

The list of ingredients consists of absolutely natural components:

Use and impressions:

After I wash my hair with shampoo twice, (I don’t like that squeaky clean effect, so I have to be quick to apply the conditioner) I usually squeeze out water thoroughly from my hair and apply the conditioner all over my hair. I don’t apply it to the roots. I use a lot of the product to get a maximum result. Smile

And here the magic begins. I can see my hair becoming better, it’s smooth, lightweight and detangled. By the way, my bathroom is cuddled with a magnificent aroma when I use this product.

After I naturally dry my hair (I try to avoid blow dryers but still sometimes I blowdry my hair with cool air stream) my hair looks moisturized, nourished, shiny and heavy (in a positive way). And as for the combing, oh well, it’s never been so easy to comb my hair like after using this conditioner.

I like that I get such an astonishing result from an all-natural product. Even though I’m indifferent to silicone-based conditioners, but still natural is way better, isn’t it?

This product doesn’t make my hair gunky too quickly. I wash my hair every two days and within these days it doesn’t look bad or oily.

There’s only one disadvantage about this product - the spending. I use it a lot and rather frequently. :)Well, I presume that this Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Hair Conditioner is one of the best that I’ve ever tried.

I highly recommend you to give the conditioner (and the shampoo as well) a go.

I ordered them on Now it costs about $9 but I bought it discounted.


Thanks for your attention to my review!

Have very beautiful and healthy hair! Smile

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Lazarilina recommends Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Conditioner

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