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Written on Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Pros: better hair, convenient gloves, does what it promises, easy to apply, no ammonia
Cons: washes out quickly


Hello again my dear girls,

I had been skeptical about this hair color for quite some time. The product’s commercial was always annoying and too much promising. Much ado about nothing, I’d say. That time I thought “Don’t fool me, Garnier, I know what you are!” The last time I used it, my hair ended up in disaster, that’s why I never wanted to try it again. Disappointed in mass-market products, I started using professional hair dyes only. However, I gave up under pressure of the advertising one day. The result turned out to be exactly what I wanted using professional hair dyes. I got natural soft brown shade.

There are tons of reviews about this hair color, so I won’t be telling you about the kit and coloring process. The product does what it says on the tin Smile

Garnier Olia is so pleasant to use! I don’t know if the nice smell, promising claim or thrilling anticipation of gorgeous hair made me think this way.

I was pleasantly surprised by the scent, as I felt no ammonia, but a delicate and gentle fragrance. Moreover, the hair dye caused no irritation on my scalp, like what they said. Yay! Smile


Well, I can state that the result is well enough!

- Garnier Olia fulfilled its promises, though they were a little bit exaggerated. The color shown and the result written on the packaging are true.

- My hair is smooth and shiny.

- My hair quality didn’t get worse.

- My result color is exactly the same as the color in the picture. My hair looks natural, soft and smooth without any red tone.

- The product is quite long-lasting.

- I think that I didn’t color my hair, but toned it, because my hair was bleached before that. Plus, the sun had faded my bleached strands, so that my hair became blonde then.

- I cannot but mention the odorous floral balsam and gloves attached. Thank you Garnier for that!

I’d like to note that one bottle with the developer may not be enough for your medium or long hair. I ran out of color quickly with my medium hair of medium thickness.


I have my hair dye in the shade 5.3 Golden Brown.

That’s it! The experiment was successful! Now I plan on trying out the other Olia shades. I give 5 to this product and can definitely say that it’s a decent one!

Have you tried Garnier Olia Golden Brown? What do you think about it?


Thank you for reading my review!



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Tiana Ashb recommends Garnier Olia Hair color

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