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Written on Monday, October 9, 2017
Pros: easy and quick to wash off, no fibres on the face, no need to use cotton pads and make-up removers, no tightening feelings after use, travel-friendly
Cons: rather pricey

Hello everybody!


I received the GLOV Hydro Demaquillage Quick Treat in one of the beauty boxes and for a really long time I didn’t dare try it out. But one day I was about to make a small journey and that was the moment when I decided to give this little glove a go. I was rather brave, as I took only this glove and nothing else: no cleansing oil or face wash, just nothing.


The secret lays in the fibers. Made with microtechnology, GLOV fibers are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 thinner than a human hair. Their electrostatistic abilities absorb all makeup like a magnet till you wash the GLOV. GLOV fibres are antibacterial in their nature so they are always safe for you during the 3 months usage. The skin remains clean and refreshed.

In a beauty box my glove was packed in a plastic package and then in a box. Usually I see that they are sold just in cardboard boxes.


The glove has three sizes:

  • the smallest Quick Treat

  • middle sized - On The Go

  • and the big sized Comfort



I have it in the smallest size.

How to use:

The use is very simple. All you need to do is to wet the glove with warm water, squeeze out, put on your finger and start using it as a cotton pad. Don’t stretch or rub your skin. The fabric the glove is made of is very soft and it literally absorbs all your make-up.

The GLOV products have become very popular worldwide. I know that they even received several awards.

This is how the new glove looks like. It’s soft and clean


Even after several washes the glove looks good and decent.

Pros of the product: (I guess they are obvious)

  • hypoallergenic

  • easy use

  • no need to use cotton pads and make-up removers

  • my skin isn’t dried or tightened after use

  • small size which is very travel-friendly


Use within 3 months if used daily and then rechange.


Let’s remove some make-up products:

I applied foundation, eye pencil and liquid lipstick on my arm:

Put on wet glove on my finger:

Swiped 1 time on my arm:

On the second go the glow did its job better and I can see only some minor stains of lipstick and eye pencil:

A little bit more swipes, the stains of lipstick are still a little bit noticeable:

This is how the glow looks after I took all the make-up off:


I can see that the glove can’t do anything with long-lasting products, if you do use them, you’ll need to use micellar water. But when it comes to nude and daily make-up, here the glove is just ideal. It’s so easy and pleasant to use! It’ll become a great helper in your make-up removing routine, especially while travelling.


The glove doesn’t require any special products for washing, just water and soap. I hang it on the tab to get dried and the product takes about 12 hours to dry out completely.


I like using the Glov product. With great pleasure I bought one bigger in size.

Highly recommended!


~~~~~~~ Thanks for reading! I hope that you’ve found my review interesting! ~~~~~~~

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Kitykat recommends GLOV Hydro Demaquillage Microfibre Makeup Remover

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