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Written on Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Pros: beautiful design, doesn’t stain clothes, ergonomic, good ingredients, pleasant aroma
Cons: doesn’t go a long way, doesn’t prevent sweat odor for 100%

Hello guys!

Currently, I use only natural and organic cosmetics from a shampoo on down to foot cream. I just love treating myself with naturally packed products. So, my new mission was to find a natural deodorant.

I heard about the Weleda brand a long time ago, and trying its products out was on my wishlist. So why not start with a deodorant?

The reviews of this product found online were so contradictory that the only way out for me was to try it out myself!


Weleda Citrus Deodorant distils natural freshness, with the zing of lemon and orange essential oils to neutralise body odours.

Pores stay unclogged and skin can breathe, so there’s no long-term itch or irritation. In a recyclable glass bottle, with a non-aerosol pump spray, no aluminium and all natural ingredients, that adds up to the best for your body and the earth. Think lemon, think fresh – it’s a naturally good feeling.


1. Alcohol

2. Water

3. Peel oil

4. Limonum - natural perfume agent obtained from essential oils of citrus fruits.

5. Linalool - natural perfume agent derived from essential oils of lavender, basil, ginger, lemon, garlic, and orange.

6. Geraniol - natural perfume agent obtained from essential oils of geranium, roses, lemongrass and some other plants.

7. Citral - Natural perfume agent with the aroma of lemon peel from essential oils of bergamot, cardamom, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lime, neroli and sweet orange.

8. Farnesol -natural perfume agent and antiseptic, obtained from the essential oils of rose, sandalwood, ground lemon, linden color, neroli, tuberose, ylang-ylang.

So, we can conclude that the deodorant consists of alcohol, water and natural perfume agents obtained from the essential oils of plants. Basically the ingredients are not bad.


The bottle comes with a dispenser which really looks like that of perfume. For me it was a little bit strange. Aesthetically I like the way the deodorant looks and I like taking it with me when needed.


It’s very potent and citrus. For me it’s brutal and I take it more as a men’s aroma, rather than women’s. It doesn't interact with my perfume but stays on clothes for quite a while.


In the morning after washing or at any time of the day. For most people one application lasts all day. The natural formulation can be used when required, up to three times a day or use as a fragrant body mist. Do not spray in the direction of the eyes or mucus membranes.


I apply this deodorant on my dry under arm skin with 3-4 squirts. If there’s irritation then the product stings a bit which is obvious since alcohol is first in the ingredients. It dries quickly. I appreciate that it doesn’t stain my clothes at all. The effect of sweat odor prevention will depend on the weather, your activity and your clothes, of course. For example this deodorant will protect you for approximately 6 hours if you take an evening walk in the park wearing a light summer dress. But when it’s boiling outside, you’ll need to reapply it within a couple of hours. So the spending is huge if you reapply it frequently.


Despite the disadvantages of the product I still love it. I like the design of the packaging, natural ingredients and the aroma of the product. Of course I can’t say that it 100% prevents the unpleasant odor appearing. In my opinion none of the natural deodorants can do that, as they are only a mixture of alcohol and essential oils to kill the bacteria.

It won’t be good in any situation. Sometimes we need 100% protection and odor prevention. In that case I’d advise you to come back to the usual antiperspirant.


Yes, probably. But not now for sure, as I want to try out some other deodorants by Weleda. And this one I recommend to natural cosmetic lovers.

Thanks for your attention!

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