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Written on Friday, May 11, 2018



Perfection has met its matte. Lightweight and oil-free, the unique formula of this fluid foundation provides a long-lasting, matte-velvet finish with sheer-to-medium coverage.

Soft-focus pigments smooth and perfect the skin for a flawless look that lasts all day. A Patented Perfect Light Control Complex contains two types of hemispherical, semi-transparent powders: one to amplify luminosity, the other to create a soft-focus effect. A Perfect Skin Affinity Complex creates lasting, comfortable wear.



It’s of normal type. It isn’t dry and there isn’t any obvious oily shine. Sometimes my skin can get oily, but only when it’s boiling hot outside. Sometimes I can get allergic and then my skin will be generously “gifted” with inflammation and many other skin blemishes. I wouldn't say that my pores are enlarged, as they aren’t big. There’s a rather standard amount of blackheads on my nose for a woman. During PMS my skin can show some pimples.


The first impression of this product was very positive, as the product has a very cute design. Even though it isn’t my first meeting with this cute-looking babe, as a very long time ago I used to have a Shiseido foundation which was packed in an almost similar-looking tube. The small tube has convenient packaging, as it’ll fit even into a pocket. Moreover, I’ve never noticed that it leaked or anything, which is such a pleasant bonus. If we take a more thorough look at the product, we’ll see that it was packed into a standard Chanel black box with a instruction in different languages inside. The tube itself is black, glossy and it has a very convenient screw top cap. Even though the tube is plastic, it still is a good quality plastic with all the edges sealed. The nozzle inside gets stained with the foundation over time after some time of active use. As for the top cap, since the nozzle comes in contact with it, it gets stains as well. I don’t like all those dirty stains and usually wipe the foundation residue with wipes. I also have to wipe the tube itself, as it collects my fingerprints and foundation leftovers. This foundation is a good dressing for my vanity, even though I still prefer glass bottles to plastic tubes.


I was presented with this product, as its previous owner didn’t like it characteristic-wise. So, this is obvious that I didn’t make a choice in terms of the shade myself. Most of all, I usually opt for the fairest shades in the collections which offer beigy undertones. Here, I can say that the shade of the product isn’t for me, though it still managed to surprise me. This plain-looking foundation with rose specks turns into a good and natural-looking foundation coverage on my skin, giving it the sun-kissed effect. And the pink pigments magically disappear. At least on my skin they disappear for sure. And in general the foundation looks pretty decent. A veil of a lightweight powder really evens out the total complexion and the difference with my neck seems less obvious. The aroma is cosmetic-like and a little bit flowery for me. It seems to be potent after application, but thank heavens it doesn’t linger on my skin for a long time. If I use this product very actively, I quickly become sick and tired of its smell.

To the disadvantages I can list, I can clearly feel some alcohol smell to the product which they probably tried to camouflage with that floral and potent smell. And I should say that they didn’t succeed, as I can still feel that nasty smell, which is super chasing especially right after the application. I didn’t like the product texture-wise. It seems to be runny and watery, though this water-based consistency somehow has “sand” particles in it, which is probably a marketing ploy that promises us to create this unique formulation. But I don’t like that infusion at all, guys. And there’s nothing pleasant during application either. Of course I got used to it later. By the way, don’t forget to shake the tube well before use.


•••USE••• RESULTS•••

I apply all my foundation with my fingers. I tried to apply them with brushes as well as with those trendy makeup sponges, but still I get the most flattering foundation coverage only if I apply the product with my fingers. The most important thing is to find the right amount of foundation which will really create a beautiful coverage on your face and won’t look cakey on the skin. I don’t apply this very foundation on my eye area, as there’s obvious alcohol here and I do care about my gentle skin a lot.

Instead, I prefer using a concealer there. The foundation gives medium coverage. The finish really looks powder-like, matte and velvety. I like that the finish doesn’t look dead-matte. But be ready to face the music, as the product won’t hide serious skin blemishes. In general, I’d assess it with 3 stars if I were to assess only the way it looks on my skin. My skin isn’t flaking but it feels as though if had it, this foundation would definitely accentuate it. But the most important thing that I need to say is that this foundation makes me look older, as it can settle into my pores from time to time. Usually it can happen during the day when I speak, eat and laugh. So, facial gestures are actually harmful for this foundation. One more thing that I’d really love to highlight is the absence of any skin-friendly components to the formula. I wish there were some because the product is usually present on my skin the entire day.

For me, my time-honoured CC cream by Lumene is still better.

Or this perfect, yet still very pricey face powder by Chanel.


$50.00 is a full price for the product.

•••MY RATE•••

2 stars. Sorry to the lovers of this foundation. I won’t recommend it for purchasing even for those with oily skin types.


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