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Written on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Well, there were no signs that anything might go wrong. Pleasant texture and rave reviews on the net were telling me how gorgeous this foundation would be for my combo skin. So, I was almost sure that we would make friends with this foundation.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet comes in a tiny neat-looking tube. In comparison with all my other foundations, this one looks itsy bitsy.

No press pump here. Instead, there is a small nozzle which is constantly stained and super inconvenient when the product get used more.

This is how the tube looks after the recommended shake.

The obnoxious floral scent of the foundation annoys me, but after 9 months of use, it seems as though I’ve already gotten used to it.

I opted to the fairest color in the collection which is 10 BEIGE. It matches my fair complexion very well.

In the shadow it looks like this:

The consistency of the foundation is runny because a drop of it doesn’t keep the shape but runs down. I can feel this silky and gentle texture while application, yet there’s no time to hold over. The thing is that the foundation sets very quickly and turns into powder. Thanks to this powder finish, the product doesn’t have to be set with any other powder afterwards. But in the summer, the finish still looks different and is more dewy, I’d say. This is when it’s high time to use mattifying powder.

The coverage is thin and transparent. It seems to be so lightweight, that it doesn’t even cover small skin blemishes. The product is only to even out your complexion.

Here are the before and after shots with this foundation on my face:

I was almost ready to be happy with it when I found out one huge downside of this foundation - it settles into my pores. It settled even in those places where I was least expecting it, on my chin for example and my cheeks. It’s obvious that it can settle in the pores on my nose, but I’ve never gotten such results with any of my foundations before, even with the most affordable ones.

I also noticed that in winter this Chanel Velvet used to accentuate even the smallest flakey bits on my skin and it used to “create” flaking at the places where my other foundations used to look perfect.

So, overall, I have to say the following: the coverage is shitty, this product doesn’t make my skin appear better or more beautiful, but on the contrary it creates other skin problems for me with its awful performance. I’ve never had such a crap foundation before.

The price now is $50 but I bought it a long time go and discounted.

This standard 30 ml tube was enough to use for 9 months.

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