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Written on Friday, March 23, 2018


I love lipsticks, especially matte ones, regardless of their price range because I think great stuff can be found both in high end and low end segments.

Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick is one of those mega affordable yet high quality products.


The design is plain but not cheap. Each lipstick comes in an outer box with all the necessary information except the number of the color, which can be found only on the tube itself.

Unfortunately all letters fade pretty quickly and I had to read a few reviews to figure out what shade I actually own.

The sponge is convenient and flat which allows it to paint the entire lip surface. The applicator takes out as much as needed.


General information:

Weight: 5,5 ml.

Formula: creamy

Finish: matte

Price: $8

Formula and fragrance

The formula is medium thick and applies effortlessly. The coverage turns completely matte a few minutes after application and that’s when a tightening feeling appears on the lips. Texture-wise these lipsticks resemble those from NYX and if I were shown two swatches of these lipsticks together I would never guess which one is NYX and which one is Golden Rose.


The color range of the Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick is pretty wide and includes many nude, dark and bright colors to choose from, so it won’t be a problem to pick the suitable one. Nevertheless, some colors swatched on the hand may look different on the lips.

Now let me tell you about each shade.

#7. My favorite one. Refreshes any makeup look, making it charming and flirty, which I appreciate so much. It would look good both on blondes and brunettes.

Whenever I wear it, I don’t even need to accentuate my eyes or cheekbones and only add a bit of mascara and blush.

#10 the legendary shade, one of the most popular in the whole line. This is a dupe for NYX Embellishment and Lime Crime Cashmere. And even though I was fully aware of the fact that such non-standard grey shades don’t suit me, I wanted to try it out. It makes my lips stand out but alas it still doesn’t suit me.


If you try to wear this color without eye makeup (like I did in the photo below), it would appear unfinished so it requires bright eyeshadows, winged eyeliners and a sculpting powder to level out the deadly pale color of the lips.

#20 This is a very interesting dark red color which would look good in brown and warm makeups and serve as a bright accent.

Like the 7th color, this one would work both for blondes and brunettes.

By the way, I receive so many compliments when I wear it Smile


Usually I do a nude eye makeup.

My impressions:


Let me quote the manufacturer first:

Love the look of matte lipstick but prefer the application of a lip gloss? Now you can get both in the same product with Golden Roses LONGSTAY Liquid Matte Lipstick. Liquid matte lipstick is in! Stay ahead of beauty trends and buy now! Golden Rose Long Wearing LONGSTAY Liquid Matte LipstickPRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:* Full-coverage and long lasting - one application is enough to cover your lips with gorgeous matte color for hours!* Non-transferable formulation - the lipstick stays on your lips and wont stain your coffee mug or your sweeties cheek.* Weightless on the lips - your lips wont feel weighed down and sticky with lip makeup. Say goodbye to gunky lips.* Enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil - your lips wont feel dry with this creamy, smooth lipstick.

Lasting power is this lipstick’s strongest virtue because it leaves no imprints on cups or whatsoever. If you eat carefully, this lipstick will last throughout the whole day and that’s something that makes up for all the possible minuses.

Accordingly, there is a big minus. When you come home late in the night dreaming about nothing but taking off your make-up and falling into your’ll face a problem. Because no micellar water I own can remove this lipstick; it eats deeply into the lips. Only cleansing oil can be of help in this case.

Keep in mind that the Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick should be touched up carefully because if you apply to many layers it will look like a mess.

But since it’s long lasting it doesn’t require frequent touch ups.

Another big minus is that like many other matte lip stains, this one dries out lips too. It feels tightening and uncomfortable on the lips so it should be applied over a lip balm.


But, to its credit, even though the lipstick is matte it applies evenly without emphasizing the lips' imperfections, creasing or clumping.

Reading this review you may get the impression as though the lipstick has more cons than pros. But all the cons pale if you remember its price and lasting power.

The bottom line:

Well, the Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick is a worthy lipstick for the price, even though it isn’t flawless. But again, all those cons are forgivable.

I recommend you to test the lipsticks before purchasing and always combine them with a lip balm.


Let me summarize all pros and cons:



  • Wide and versatile color range
  • great durability
  • provides an even matte surface
  • don’t emphasize dryness
  • great value for the price
  • affordable



  • Colors may look different in swatches and on the lips.
  • Unpleasant tightness
  • Hard to remove
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