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Written on Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Pros: 2 in 2 (lips and cheeks), beautiful and stylish casing

I have a weakness for tinted products. I especially love using them when it’s warm outside when my lips don't require any profound nourishing or soothing. One of my faves of the past season has become this La Petite Robe Noire Lip and Cheek Tint from Guerlain. I’m sure that I would definitely carry on using it every day if only I hadn't found some other hit lip product for me from Yves Saint Laurent. So I had to interchange these two.

Some words from the manufacturer:

La Petite Robe Noire Tinted Gel achieves a natural-looking makeup result and a healthy glow effect. Once the fluorescent pink color comes out of the bottle, it transforms into a sheer shade upon application. Easy to blend in, its universal shade reacts to your skin’s pH to adapt to each skin tone, bringing out your own unique pink tone. Depending on your desired look you can build intensity and go from a light rosy glow to a more intense evening look. The more you apply to your lips and cheeks, the deeper the intensity will be.


The casing of the tint is cute, bright pink and so girlish. Everybody who notices it in my hands immediately starts bombarding me with questions on what that is. The top cap is actually screw-on and has a brush applicator inside. It also has a fabulous transparent adornment, which is kind of a peak at the top. Isn’t that gorgeous?



Unfortunately, the collection offers us only one shade, so there wasn't any others to think about buying. I bought it online and even before that I knew that the color of the tint inside is one hundred percent the same as the outer casing itself. But in the shots on the net, the casing looked pleasant gentle pink-toned. And I was so impressed when I opened my package and found out that there was a bright and bold barbie pink tube waiting for me inside. There was even a moment when I became utterly frustrated.

All in all, I still decided to apply it over my lips and I have to confess that I wasn’t anticipating anything good at that moment. But then it was time to be surprised once again - the shade turned out to be really subtle and so light and beautiful. Such a true effect of “my lips but better” in action!



The tint isn’t too runny and reminds me of a lightweight gel texture-wise. If I leave a drop of the formula on my skin, it’ll never flow out and will stay on, melting a little bit.



Well, unfortunately, I don’t appreciate that smell. I can’t say that the product stinks or anything, no, that’s not true. On the contrary, the smell is bright, interesting and a little bit floral. It reminds me of some perfume and I still can’t get where I’ve sniffed it before. Well, this chasing aroma is probably the reason why I don’t appreciate that smell. I’m more into those lip products which smell more naturally of berries, fruit or sweets, for example. But even after that, I won’t take off a star for it. After all, these are my own preferences and misunderstanding of the product.

I like that I don’t feel that smell or flavor on my lips.


Tint application:

The brush of the product is really nice and comfortable to apply the product. I usually take out a little bit of the formula, apply it in dots over my upper and lower lips and then blend out with my fingers. All that doesn’t take up more than a minute. By the way, this can be used as a cheek tint too. I tried applying it so as well, though its presence was merely visible on my skin. This is probably due to my skin color and the shade wasn’t visible because of my tan.



The tint is easy to apply on my lips. It leaves a really subtle, gentle pink tone behind. I haven’t noticed any skin flaking accentuating or drying out. The color appears even and smooth.

As for the staying power, well, its average. I noticed that I have to touch up after a meal. Maybe the reason behind it lies in the too lightweight coverage. At the same time, the tint doesn’t stain anything and I can barely feel it present on my lips. The only sign of it is that my lips look brighter and more seductive with it on.


The main pros of the tint:

  • Bright, interesting design- Such packaging is always a massive eyesight magnet. What’s more, it’s a real gem of my vanity.

  • Pleasant texture- This tint is a little bit weird texture-wise for me. It’s like gel-based and I’m more into water-based tints.

  • Gentle shade- My lips look natural, pink-toned and attractive with this tint on.

  • It doesn’t accentuate such blemishes as lip dryness or flaking skin. I guess the reason for that is behind the gel-like consistency that applies beautifully on my lips, soothing them too.


I haven’t found any cons with this tint. Well, maybe the smell is too potent in the packaging. But I don’t feel it on my lips because it vanishes right away. That’s why I can’t list this fact to the disadvantages.



It was a lucky purchase for me. This tint delighted me with its alluring color and a gentle texture. I’m so happy with the way it performs on my lips. If only there was a color selection in the line, I’d definitely buy some more for me too. I wish it didn’t exist in one and only color. Of course, I recommend it for purchasing and assess it with the maximum amount of stars!

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sunnysmile recommends Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lip & Cheek Tint

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