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Written on Thursday, May 10, 2018


Today I want to tell you about my second product by LaSplash which I was lucky to try out. Meet the Studio Shine Waterproof Matte Lip Lustre. It has turned out to be a very good product for me, indeed. I’m sure that its color will definitely shock someone, while others will be truly intrigued.


General product info:

  • Price - $18

  • Weight - 3 ml

  • Made in the USA

  • Expires within 2 years



It came packed in a bright and cardboard box. I really like this black and pink color combination (hello 2007!). But there wasn’t any protecting wrap on the tube, alas.

Info from the package and product promises:

Fairy tales do come true with our fairy dusted waterproof StudioShine Lip Lustre. Specially formulated with the highest quality pigments & pearls. To activate pearls, gently run finger across lips.

List of ingredients:

The tube looks pretty simple. It’s a see-through acrylic tube with an applicator inside. The number of color, manufacturer and expiration dates are also given here on the bottom of the tube.

Applicator- It’s a doe-foot applicator, short-bristled and rather small in size. I find it convenient to work with. On the tip of the applicator there’s always a lot of the content left, I guess that’s because of the formula getting more gooey over time.

Other features:


Texture - it’s thick and creamy. It reminds me of a mousse texture. There’s some shimmer inside.


Coverage - it’s pretty opaque, as the pigmentation is excellent. I usually apply this lippie with 1 coat, as 2 coats look too thick on my lips, hence the product might crumble and flake off.


Finish - it’s matte and metallic.


Scent - it’s sweet and vanilla-like. It isn’t too chasing. I like it!


Color - the #14416 Catrina is a very beautiful and unusual duochrome color. In the tube it looks simple and boring - like a usual vinous-brown color, but after applying it over my lips, it blossoms with all its beauty. Depending on the light, this color can look either green-ish or brown-ish, which brings it so much in common with the pigment.


Application issues and the way the product performs on my lips:

Since the product is rather thick texture-wise, the application turns a little bit complicated. The tip of the applicator is fine for outlining my lips, but I find it difficult to fill in my lips with it.

After the application, the lipstick will show all the lips' relief, so it’s better to exfoliate and moisturize them beforehand.

Within a minute after application, the product dries down and becomes transfer-proof.


The lippie tightens my lips and I can always feel it present there, so I can’t say that I feel comfortable with it on. Besides, the color of it is rather unusual and I feel embarrassed to walk out in the streets with this color on my lips. However, I managed to tame this product and use it as an eyeshadow primer and I really like using it this way.

Daylight (by the window):


The wear time of this lippie is excellent. It doesn’t feather, bleed and in general stays on very well. It can easily live through drinks and snacks, though, I still have to top-up in the center of my mouth during the day.



The product has a long-wearing formula, this is why it’s rather challenging to remove it from my lips. My micellar water can’t do anything with it at all. My cleansing oil also finds it difficult to wash this lippie off, if I apply the oil over my dry lips. The only way I can remove it is to apply the cleansing oil on a cotton round and rub my lips with it for a while. The lippie doesn’t leave any staining pigment behind, which is why I can easily apply a lip balm after washing it off.


micellar water / cleansing oil
micellar water / cleansing oil

The bottom line



  • the collection offers a good color selection

  • the pigmentation of the product is insane

  • the scent is pleasant and not chasing

  • the finish is lively and doesn’t look dead matte

  • the lippie doesn’t flake off and is budge-free. You can easily top it up if necessary

  • you can use the formula as an eyeshadow



  • the lipstick is difficult to wash off

  • price tag

  • tightening sensation on my lips

  • the formula gets gooey over time


My final thoughts:

I also tried the Smitten Lip Tint Waterproof Mousse by this brand and I have to confess that I liked the Mousse more than this Studio Shine Waterproof Matte Lip Lustre, even though both these products are very similar characteristic-wise. Yet still, the Catrina color is very interesting to me and I do believe that it will find its fans.


Thanks for your attention to my post!

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Annelisa recommends LA-Splash Cosmetics Studio Shine Waterproof Matte Lip Lustre

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