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Written on Friday, February 8, 2019

Hello beauties!

Actually, the 50% off discount pushed me to purchase this palette.

It was impossible to withstand that offer.

The palette has a plastic see-through cover, which is easy to remove by moving it backwards. This is all due to that cover that protects the palette while transporting from accidental pop opening.

The palette is made of a thick black matte cardboard. It has all the “swatches” of the shades on it.

They also reveal the textures of the shades.

The “swatches” are true to life and they are beautiful, sparkling and textured. So nice!

The price of the palette is $27 but I grabbed it discounted.

Size - 9*0.05oz (9g)

Made in PRC

Shelf life - 12 months

Ingredients/product information

The palette offers a small, yet still very handy mirror, which is good to use, though it’ll be difficult to put all your makeup on with it. But it’s a perfect travel option.

There aren’t any applicators or sponges is there, which make the palette even more travel-friendly and compact.

The color selection mainly consists of pink and purple shades but there are also two copper shades, green and blue hues as well. Taking the ball before the bound I have to say that I’d replace a couple of the shades with some silver and champagne colors. In general, the bright shades are placed in the corners, so as to create a deceitful opinion of a wide color selection of the palette.

This palette is in no way basic or self-contained. It’s for accenting your makeup because all the shades here are actually striking shimmers.

A close-up of the palette and its colors:

The swatches of all the shades dry my finger over my dry skin. This method applies the products with the thickest coverage. Obviously, they apply even better over an adhesive primer when I use a brush for their application.

The flash light reveals all the shimmering bits of the formula. Thanks to that formula, the products shine and beam over my eyes, as well as fall down with great pleasure when I put them on.

Swatches with my fingertip and a brush are done in rows. They were applied with a dry brush without any priming beforehand. I also want to attach the macro shots for better color content.

The first row:

#1 Cool gentle mauve-lavender shade with a blue shift. It’s a little bit sheer but I like the way it appears on my skin. It puts with a thick layer and the hue doesn’t look white. It’s a tad dry, drier than any other shades. I’d advise you to pat it into your skin.

#2 Duochrome pink that changes into blue color. It’s a magnificent duochrome shade. It’s soft and beautiful. But you’ll have to apply it with a wet brush or use a glitter primer to get the same color kickback. Otherwise, it’s rather weak for me.

#3 Dark teal shade, which has a sparkle of golden glitter.

It doesn’t want to sit with a dry brush. Use your fingertip to apply it or a damp brush or a glitter primer again. Otherwise, your makeup will look messy and sheer. Besides, it falls out like there’s no tomorrow.

The second row:

#4 Fair purple with a lavender shift. It’s nice and good to apply with any tool. Soft, a little bit falling yet not too critical.

#5 Saturated purple shade with teeny-tiny same colored glitter.

I love it! It’s thick vibrant and bright.

#6 Red-copper shade without any glitter. It’s a joy to apply it! Thick, saturated and soft to some extent.

The third row:

#7 Bronze shimmering shade with the same glitter. It’s also a tad dry and I prefer applying it with my finger over a primer. In general, it’s beautiful.

#8 The gentlest pink color without any visible glittering bits. If you want to apply it thickly, use a primer. If you don’t, the color will look messy and not pigmented at all. It’s a good option for my inner corners.

#9 Sky blue metallic shade. Unbelievably beautiful and thick color, even if I apply it with a brush. It doesn’t require a primer. The coverage is bright, even though I have to pack it several times for the best color kickback.

It falls down and can ruin my makeup.

Pigmentation: It’s excellent, yet, for the best results, apply them with patting motions. If you’re too lazy to bother with all that, just use your fingers or a glitter primer. But in general, even if I avoid all that mumbo-jumbo and just use a brush, the result still looks awesome.

Texture: Almost every shade here is soft. Yes, there are some more creamy and soft ones but all of them are super gentle and falling out if I touch them with a brush. I can’t even say that they’re dusty because the shades aren’t matte. Those crumbles are always easy to wipe off with a brush and put them on my eyes again.

Blending: I’m not sure if there are people who bother with blending of shimmering shades much. As for the transition colors, they are easy to create here. The shades are matchy and don’t require any special skills.

Packing: It is possible to pack the shades here. The result can always be either from semi-sheer to the refill-like payoff.

Fall out: It happens to be there, so put on your eye makeup before foundation etc.

The results on my eyes - from light and shimmering to metallic sheen. I expected that they would dry my eyelid skin because such textures can do this but here no. My eyes don’t look tightened or anything.

Feelings throughout the wear: My skin isn’t tightened and I don’t feel them on my eyes, even if I pack a good layer.


I use these eyeshadows only over my mobile lid. As the basic palette, here the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam played a role.


Shade #2 is in the outer Vs and #4 in the inner corners:


Shade #6 is in my inner and outer V, while #7 is in the middle:


Shade #3 is all over my mobile lid:


Shade #9 all over my mobile lid and #8 is in the inner corners:

Staying power: I always use a makeup primer and over it, my eyeshadows stay put for 12-14 hours. And when I use a glitter primer, they can stay put forever, I think.

Removing: Regular micellar water removes everything.

Spending: Packing requires products, so it won’t go a long way. One refill will be enough for about 15 times to pack the color.


The good:

★ Awesome shades

★ The finish can be varied

★ Excellent pigmentation

★ The shades are matchy

★ The products don’t crease or fade away over time

★ They are soft and creamy


★ The spending isn’t minimal, that’s why I bought 2 palettes

★ They fall out when I apply them with a brush, so put on your eye makeup first

The bad

★ It’s to my own liking but I feel like there’s not enough silver or golden shades.

This palette is incredible. My resentment of its quality has grown into love. Yet, I feel like the palette isn’t worth 5 stars because of the lack of some shades here. It’s good, very good. The shades look awesome on my eyes, they shift nicely and are worth the price.


Thanks for your attention!

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