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Written on Monday, July 2, 2018

I’ve been waiting for this palette for a really long time. Is it worth it? Let’s find out!

The palette is little, with a magnet latch and a mirror. Many Huda Beauty products have a sweet scent, but this one smells of rubber. This is the very scent that they try to disguise in other palettes, but it’s hard to deceive me. The palette is sturdy enough and survived a fall from my table.

There are nine shades: three shimmers and 6 mattes. You can create a full makeup with them: there are base colors, transition colors, for the crease, saturated accents and lower lids. Each shades weighs about 0,05 oz.

I’ll enumerate the colors. In order to show their so-called amazing pigmentation, all the swatches are made first with fingers, then with a brush:

color 1: dark bordeaux with a grey-brown undertone. It looks pale and ordinary on my eyes and leaves patches, and can’t be used solo.

color 2 : pink shimmer. A color for a princess or a pig.

color 3: pink beige shimmer. Doesn’t fall out, and the quality is really nice.

color 4: dark pink, with the biggest shimmer particles. It appears to be ‘dusty’ but can be effortlessly picked up with a wet brush. It doesn’t fall out throughout the day, and I really like it.

color 5: matte brown for blending out.

color 6: pink bordeaux matte. Not really pigmented, and one should shake the excess of it off the brush to avoid the fallout. The only matte pink color I can call okay.

color 7: grey bordeaux matte

color 8: just an ordinary base color, I’m glad it is there.

color 9: colorful matte with low pigmentation, almost identical to the color #6.

Applied 4 mattes in the row. Guess which is which.

About the hues in general.





  • They do not fall out.



  • Too crumbly and since all the colors in the palette are close to each other, they mix and create a mess.


  • Not all shades are pigmented. It’s like you apply one color, then darken the crease with another one and end up seeing no difference.
  • I don’t like the quality in general. All the eyeshadows don’t apply well and don't blend out well either.
  • Makes me look ill. Earlier I couldn’t get why many say that red, pink and orange eyeshadows can make your eyes look ill. Now I understand how.
  • Hard to blend out and leave patches.





  • long-lasting
  • bright (if applied wet onto a creamy base)
  • all in all, the shimmers are simply gorgeous



  • crumbly
  • the colors are very similar to mattes


That’s how the palette like after two days in use:


I had a rough start with this palette. Either I grew all thumbs overnight or something was wrong with the eyeshadows, but I had to remove and reapply them.

Shade #8 applied over concealer, color #6 formed the makeup, color #9 in the crease and lower lid (do you see any difference? I don’t) Color #4 on the whole lid, and color #2 in the inner corner.

In the photos, the hues look more pale and pink, than in real life. Besides, color #4 is almost identical to #6, except that it contains shimmers. And even though I used a lot of color, it looked as though I applied the only one.

Also, with this makeup, one shouldn’t use blush. Foundations with yellow or neutral undertones are preferable.

The next time, I faced the same problem: I applied the makeup, the result was awful, I removed the eyeshadows and reapplied it. This time I started off with the color #1. It behaved terribly, left gaps and patches and did not blend properly. I thought it wouldn’t fall out but I was wrong

In the end I just applied the brown shade onto the crease and the color #3 onto the lid.


First of all, all the eyeshadows looked alike and cannot be used solo because they are pale. So, it would be great if the palette contained only white, brown, mauve and shimmers, other shades spoil it.

Second of all, how could Huda have released such a terrible palette? I own cheaper palettes which are 100 times better. Am I supposed to consider this palette a high end product?


Anyway, it’s just three stars for the shimmers. Buy another palette instead of this, I’m serious.

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