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Written on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I love red and pink eyeshadows so I got interested in this one immediately after its release. The reviews were far from raving, though, and I thought that I didn’t need it. However, this summer it appeared in my collection thanks to a cool goody bag and now I’m ready to share my thoughts about it.

The housing is made of cardboard. It’s tiny, even smaller than palm-sized.

Inside there are the eyeshadows and the mirror (which is quite good and can be used)


The eyeshadows themselves are fragrance-free, but the palette stinks. I can smell cardboard and glue, and the smell is still there after six months. It’s not that crucial, though, I don’t smell it when using the palette.

The palette contains 9 colors: 3 shimmer and 6 matte ones.

The matte ones are 50/50. Three of them are great, and three are far from being the best. These three outsiders emphasize skin flaws on the lids and even fall into the pores.

The shimmery shades are extremely beautiful and they are the reason why I now want the New Nude Palette. They have a soft yet crumbly formula. Surprisingly, they arrived unbroken. There are always crumbles all over the palette, even though I try to pick them up as carefully as possible.

They should be applied with a wet brush or fingers. I prefer the second option, they look even then. With a brush, the result may look a bit clumpy, as you can see in the photo below:

Another minus of shimmer colors is that they emphasize skin flaws. I can forgive that, but I doubt anyone would like such an effect.

Concerning the longevity: I have problems with my eyelids so I don’t wear my eyeshadows without a primer at all. I can only say that these work with many bases. But when it’s hot, I’d recommend to use something extremely long-lasting, otherwise the eyeshadows may crease.

The colors have no names so I’ll just describe them in the following order:

Here are the swatches or each row under warm daylight. On the left side, applied with a finger, on the right side with a brush.

1 - brown, matte, crumbly, mediocre pigmentation.


2 - peach pink, shimmer

3 - cold pearly shimmer. I love this color and there is a hollow in the refill so I think I’ll run out of it soon. Unfortunately, it does emphasize the fine lines on the eyelid like crazy.

4 - pink red with golden shimmer particles. This one has a more loose formula and the particles may fall off.

5 - neutral beige, matte. It’s one of those great matte shades: easy to blend and layer, perfect for the crease.

6 - dusty pink, matte. Its formula is like that of the previous one.

7 - brown aubergine, matte. Its formula is mediocre, as well as pigmentation, plus it’s crumbly and shouldn’t be layered.


8 - milky and matte. Surprisingly good - I thought it would be more chalk-like, but it isn’t. Medium pigmentation, evens out the eyelids and eases the blending.

9 - the main fail of the palette : the rich matte mauve. It’s chalky to the touch, crumbly, hard to pick up with a brush and leaves a tint afterwards.

My makeups with this palette:

1. Colors 8,5,3 and 7:

2. Colors: 8, 6, 4, 1 and 7:

3. Colors: 8, 6, 4, 1 and 7:

Why do I love this palette but don’t recommend it? It has a gorgeous color range to create various makeups with. But the quality leaves much to be desired, 3 shimmers emphasize the skin textures, 3 matte shades are absolutely mediocre. I’m glad I have this palette, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

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