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Written on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Hello people!

For a long time I was longing to try this famous matte liquid lipstick by the most outrageous representative of the modern world (and I’m not talking about Lady Gaga now) -by Jeffree Star. But the thing is that the products were available only on the official site for $18 + delivery fees. All in all I had to pay about $25 for the unknown for me quality-wise liquid lipstick. That’s rather pricey, isn’t it? Taking in consideration that there are thousands of other liquid lipsticks from across the road shop for a ridiculous price of $5.

But my curiosity was stronger and finally I ordered the cult Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the color Checkmate.

Right here I want to draw your attention to the fact that my lipstick isn’t a fake and I’ll speak about all the advantages and disadvantages of the original product.

At the time when I ordered the lippie the price on the official website was $18.

Size - 5.6ml (While the Lime Crime lippies are $2 more expensive and only have 2.6 ml)

Animal cruelty-free product. Formulated without parabens and gluten. Vegan-friendly.

The lipstick was packed into a branded stylish box with golden stars and some information on it.

Pay your attention to the bottom of the box where you should find the serial number of the product. If there’s no serial number then there’s a fake in front of you.

Product packaging - the lippie is housed in a see-through plastic tube with golden lettering and jeffree stars all over.

The first time I was taking the product out of the box, I had a thought that I had already seen this design somewhere else. And when I opened my makeup bag I saw almost the same looking matte liquid lipstick Catsuit by Wet n Wild.

I don’t know who was the first and who copied the design but this is still a fact.

The fragrance of the product is very pleasant and reminds me of a sweet scent.

The consistency is average thickness. It isn’t too watery but at the same time I can’t say that it’s creamy.

The lipstick dries down quickly within 1-2 minutes turning totally matte.

My color is Checkmate which is orange-red that looks almost neon.

Applicator. This is something I want to stop your attention at. Somewhere I heard them saying that the Jeffree Star applicators are the best in the beauty world as they are the softest and very convenient to work with. Well, I’m not so sure. Maybe we’re talking about different lipsticks or maybe just our reality perceptions is different.

The sponge is HUGE, furry and absolutely inconvenient. It always grabs more product than I need.

For a better understanding I want to compare some other applicators by the famous brands that I have.

Here’s the twin brother of the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick which is called Catsuit by Wet n Wild. And you can see that the Catsuit has a smaller applicator. This is the first matte liquid lipstick in my collection that I can’t apply well without a brush. The huge and hairy applicator not only applies the product over my lips, but it also touches the peach fuzz and it looks terrible.

You should try your best to apply the lipstick with the thinnest as possible layer, wiping the applicator over the rims of the tube beforehand. If you don’t do it, then the lippie will look streaky on the lips and you’ll look awful.

Besides the product confronts with the inside of the mouth. Right after application I let the product dry down then I close my mouth and this is what I actually see…

If you manage to apply the lippie with the thinnest layer then it’ll look better for a longer time (and of course if you don’t apply the product too close to your inside of the lips.)

One of the best thing about the Jeffree Star lipsticks is that they aren’t drying on the lips and feel almost weightless while wear. Sometimes I even forget that I have lipstick on.

The product accentuates the relief of my lips, though it does it delicately hence the finish doesn’t look dead.

The product will not survive drinks and meals. Well, it’ll look good on the contours but the inside will definitely fade away. You know, sometimes if you drink very neatly, the product might live through that. One more advantage is that you can touch-up and really apply some product with a thin layer and it won’t crack off with some huge dried lipstick pieces.

I was thinking about how many stars to give to this bold yet painfully finicky babe in the end.

On one hand I like the way the product looks and feels on my lips. On the other, I know how hard I should try to apply it evenly. And after all, the staying power won’t be at all phenomenal, though. Well, probably nude and fair colors are less difficult but the red shade is very hard to work with… I have to take a look at my lipstick every 2 or 3 hours, especially if I eat or drink during this time. Each time I’m very afraid that the lipstick faded or cracked off with a huge particle from my lips.

So, even though I liked this product more than the Lime Crime, I have to be fair and give it four stars all in all. And considering the price and the buying issues I can even assess it with a lower amount of stars. I’m not sure if I will try any other shades from the collection, only if I really become hooked on a color and there will be no cheaper swap for it in the market.

Recommend? Probably yes, rather than no. I still believe that other shades aren’t as finicky as this one.

Thanks for your attention to my post! See you soon!

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mystery recommends Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

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