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Written on Thursday, February 15, 2018
Pros: good performance on my lips, interesting design, isn't drying or tightening, long-wearing

Today’s review is the very case when I’m breathless to express how much I’m delighted with the product!


For a very long time I was looking for a lipstick of a vibrant pink color and once being at the store I even though that I found it, as I really liked the tester and asked the sales girl to bring me the sealed product. However, she told me that this very color was already sold out.

No haps! And here I meet a gorgeous matte lipstick from the Wickedly Divine collection and of a very cute design. Love

Without any further ado I clicked to buy it and here it is. Finally arrived in a few days. I was unconscious when I paid $18, wasn’t I? Oups


Product: Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipstick

Shade: #907 Dragon’s Blood

Country: USA

Size: 3 ml

Unpacking the delivery package I was very excited as even the design of the product looks so devilish! My theme! Evil


For those who understand anything in the ingredients - here’s the list:

Isoparaffin, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Dimethicone, Silica, Quaternium-18, Bentonite, Ethylhexyl isononanoate, Polybutene, Diethylhexylcyclohexane, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT, PropylParaben, Fragrance.


The lipstick itself is stunningly stylish-looking. On the top cap there’s a beautiful gem shining. Even holding the product in my hands makes me feel so great. Everything is perfect about this lippie!Smile I’m very excited about it.


Ordering the product I didn’t pay any attention to the name of it and once it was delivered I saw that it’s called Dragon’s blood CrownShy


The applicator is heart-shaped and very convenient. The tapered tip is a really nice feature, I’ll explain why a little bit lower.


The stopper works fine as there’s never more of the product than I need on the wand. Nothing leaks, flows or anything. The consistency is average thickness. It isn’t gel like though very pleasant to apply.

At first the product has a slight dewy finish so be quick to spread it on your lips, as it’ll be impossible to layer.


First of all make sure to outline your lips and only after that fill in them fully. And here I want to praise the tapered tip as it allows you to apply the product evenly and perfectly. Well, I'm rather ham-handed and with this product 90% of time I get a beautiful result.


LASplash Wickedly Divine Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick is applied with one layer:


As you can see in the pictures, the product is highly pigmented! It doesn’t crease or show blemishes (if applied over moisturized lips). It gives a beautiful totally matte finish and doesn’t look cheap on the lips. It’s a little bit drying to my lips, yet there are no tightening feelings.


Two layers:


As I’ve already mentioned the product is impossible to layer. And these are the reasons why. First of all, it’ll be so tricky to apply the second layer of the product as the applicator won’t glide over the lips anymore as on bare lips. So, the color will look different in the areas where it was applied one or two layers.


And the second, two layers become very obvious on the lips and look so graphical. What’s more the creasing chances get higher. So my verdict is: always apply this lippie with one layer!


The manufacturer promises the staying power of 4 hours. I can agree with this statement only with one important condition: don’t drink or eat during that time. I had an imprudence to eat with this lippie on and some part of the product got into my stomach leaving the inside of my mouth absolutely bare. I mean it was still there on the contours of my lips as the food didn’t contact with the lippie there but the inside was literally eaten.

Be very careful with touch-up, as you’ll need to reapply the product only to the places where it has faded. If you aren’t careful, the LASplash will immediately reveal that you touched-up and will show all the traces of the process.

If you don't touch your lips, then the lippie will stay put all the promised 4 hours as though just applied, or even longer.

The LASplash Wickedly Divine Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick washes off with a micellar water or any other long-wearing makeup remover. No matter what remover you actually use, the result will always be the same, however it might be difficult to remove the lippie on the first go. Be ready to try hard to wash it off completely.


The LASplash product in makeup:


In the end I want to say that this is the best purchase of mine in the past few months. I’m absolutely delighted with it in all the respects and I’m always very excited to use it!

Matte, long-wearing, isn’t drying, just a bomb lipstick! Love

Highly recommended! Smile


And that’s it! Be always happy and beloved! Wink

P.S. It’ll be very pleasant for me if you find time to assess my review down below! Innocent

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