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Written on Friday, February 16, 2018
Pros: good performance on my lips, interesting design, isn't drying or tightening, long-wearing, nice shade for everyday wear, pleasant scent

Hello guys!!!

I become more and more addicted to lip products. In the past few months, I significantly replenished my make-up collection. And to my surprise, my husband who is usually against any new cosmetic products in our house, is quiet and doesn’t say anything against new lipsticks. I’m especially drawn to liquid matte lipsticks. And one of them I want to tell you about today.



General information:

Name: Wickedly Divine Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick by La Splash Cosmetics;

Price: $18

Volume: 3ml

Country: USA

Shade: #14904 Brides Revenge;


There are a lot of shades in the collection. I have one of the fairest and, I think, wearable shade. Taking the ball before the bound, I want to say that this lippie has become my absolute favorite. I can really call it a universally flattering everyone shade, as it’ll look great on different girls with different hair color and makeup.



Once I took this product in my hands, I was really overwhelmed with emotions. The outer appearance of it is just awesome. Stylish and salty! Just have a look at the package!

All the information is given here on the box in English.


The tube itself has a hint of a gothic theme, I guess. And by the bottom the color looks faded. That is the part where you can see the true color of the lipstick inside.


The tube used to have a distinguishing feature to it. On the top cap there was a gem. Well, not a real gem actually, but a plastic imitation that made the product look more sophisticated. So, the thing is that I broke it. There isn’t anything surprising at all, as there are a lot of things that break down once I touch them. A little bit insulting and sad but still, even without the gem the lipstick looks fabulous.



On the bottom there is a sticker with a number and shade name on.



The applicator at first seemed to be weird to me. It’s heart-shaped and has a hole in the middle. The shape of the applicator is very convenient to work with, as the tapered tip allows me to outline my lips nicely.



The applicator doesn’t take out too much of the formula and I guess that’s because of that hole in the middle that wipes all the superfluous amount off.


No bristles have fallen out during the time I’ve been using the product that I've noticed. I want to draw your attention that the applicator is furry, more furry than we got used to seeing.


Texture, color and scent:

The first thing that I paid attention to once I opened the product for the first time was its scent. It smells like cappuccino guys! It smells of something milky and coffee-like. Oooh, I adore cappuccino smell. Recently it has become my favorite drink, that's why the association arose so quickly. I can feel this scent only during application, as it fades while wearing.



The texture is velvety. The Wickedly Divine Lipstick is way more pleasant to apply than many other liquid matte lipsticks. This product is much easier and softer to work with, even though it still has matte finish.


Looking closer at the shade I understood that I’ve already seen it somewhere before. I have a lipstick which I expected to be of the characteristics as the Wickedly Divine. But now I understand that the Wickedly Divine product is better in shade and application. And I’ll speak about the way it feels during wear a little bit below.


Here I compared the matte liquid lipsticks that I have:


1. Kylie Jenner (I guess it’s a fake)

2. Wickedly Divine (the hero of my today’s review);

3. Unknown brand

4. Jeffree Star Velour;


Honestly, product #4 is still my Holy Grail in terms of texture. But the Wickedly Divine is very close to it formula-wise. The same velvet finish, maybe a little less obvious than of the Jeffree Star Velour.

Kylie Jenner is too drying and tightening to my lips. However it does stay on really long.

As for the Wickedly Divine lipstick I can say that it has become my perfect product. Its texture is the closest to the texture of my Holy Grail Jeffree Star. The staying power is no way less than that of the long-wearing Kylie’s fake and the shade is just divine. It’s so perfect for everyday wear. This shade is something that I was looking for for so long.



Impressions of use:

This lippie is one of the best in wear. Yes, it does accentuate fine lines but any matte liquid lipstick does. I appreciate that it isn’t tightening. No discomforting feeling while wear or the feeling that I have my lips covered with something very thick.



The product is really long-wearing. It doesn’t stain glasses or leave pigment while kissing. It doesn’t crease or budge during the day. The way it looks the first seconds after application, it’ll look the same during the day. It disappears from the inside of the mouth if I eat, but only if I eat fatty food.



It’s good to use a long wear makeup remover to wash the lipstick off your lips. Not every makeup remover will actually cope with this product. If you use the right remover, you won’t have to wipe your lips too much until they become red. I’m totally delighted with this Wickedly Divine Lipstick. No matter where I go and when I always want to apply this babe.


Neutral-toned color, great performance and fantastic staying power make it a fabulous product for everyday use. I deem that this purchase was more than just lucky for me.

Thank you all guys for reading my review!!!

Have a nice mood and a shopping day!!!

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Kvoka recommends LA Splash Cosmetics Wickedly Divine Liquid-to-Matte Lipstick

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