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Written on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hello there!

Recently I found out that I’m all about gold highlighters. That was the moment when I realized that I had to try some new pink highlighter. At that time I remembered about this hyped swirled product from the Laura Geller brand. So, meet Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in the color Charming Pink.

The product came packed with a plain cardboard box, which was so light when I took it in my hands for the first time, that I even had a thought that it was empty.

I know that Jouer highlighters are so easy to break up, which doesn’t come to this brand, actually, because they always have an additional cardboard liner for the safest placement and hold.

The packaging is adorned with beautiful promises and a list of ingredients. It’s made in Italy and weighs 4.5g.

And there is it… It’ll mean that I say nothing if I say I was utterly upset when I saw this. I’ve never had such a cheap looking product in my collection before. This flimsy plastic compact is so difficult to open, you know. Besides, the lettering has already started fading, even though I’ve been using it only for 4 months, I mean keeping on my vanity, I don't carry it with me.

The compact is really tiny. And the photos on the web were so deceitful because there they gave me an impression that the product is huge and hefty, while in reality, it turned out to be very small. The price doesn’t correspond with the size for sure.

However, the beauty of the refill pan makes me forget about everything negative… When I touch it, it feels so silky that I want to keep on touching it over and over again.

It looks absolutely gorgeous and I can look at it flabbergastingly for hours, I mean it. Tati once said that this product really reminded her of something edible. I believe her because, for me, this refill looks like a cute and sweet cookie. Smile

The highlighter is really dusty in the pan when I touch it with a brush, but it always feels as though the brush doesn’t pick up anything at the same time. The magic of the baked product in action. Wink

I don’t buff off the overabundance from the brush and apply the product with a brush at once. The product doesn’t accentuate my kin texture at all.

There’s one mysterious thing about this highlighter which really puzzles me… When I touch it with my finger for a swatch, it always shows such a beautiful delicate glow and the same happens when I apply it with a soft brush on my skin, but… The thing is that the glow fades within 5 minutes and the only thing that stays is the glitter and that’s all.

The highlighter has a buildable texture but it doesn’t affect the wear time or glitter shift at all. The only thing that happens is that more glitter appears.

And it all looks kind of like this.

From afar, it’s very difficult to detect it on my skin. And, unfortunately, the product will fade more and more throughout wear and within 3 hours there’ll be just a couple of shimmer bits left on my skin and nothing more. I also tried to wear it over a cream highlighter, as well as set with a transparent powder, I’ve tried out a damp brush application and setting spray afterward and nothing has ever worked with it. I’ve never reached that beautiful glowing finish or a better staying power.

I have a thought that it comes to this very shade because it isn’t well pigmented and pink-toned after all. I think that it loses all its beauty because my skin tone is pink too. I’m planning to try some other shade from the collection as well. I expect to see a better performance from it. If it is the same characteristics-wise, like this one, I’ll give fewer stars to both of them.

Do I like this product?

Honestly, I’m confused. I wish I could dare to assess it with 3 or even 2 stars but since I know a lot of people who are obsessed with it, I just think that I haven’t managed to tame it. I won’t be so picky unless I try another shade.

Do I recommend it? In general, I do. However, I can’t recommend this very shade yet. There’s a still a chance that it doesn’t suit my skin tone.

And since I can’t jump to a conclusion, I invite you to read some other highlighter reviews of mine while pending an investigation with this one:


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AnastasiaC recommends Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

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