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Written on Friday, February 22, 2019
Pros: it applies evenly, matte finish, staying power, sweet chocolate smell, transfer-proof
Cons: difficult to remove, it dries down long, sticky

How do you choose your lipsticks? According to their shade, texture, finish? But what about the aroma?

Today I’ll tell you about how I bought a lipstick because of the aroma only. I mean it!

As you might have already guessed, I bought this L'Oreal Les Chocolats Ultra Matte because of its sweet and pleasant aroma of cookies.

It does really smell like chocolate cookies.

Well, the aroma is good but I still had to decide on the shade. Even though the collection is called Chocolats, it still has some red and pink toned shades there.

I chose one of the most interesting shades in my book, which is #585 OH MY CHOC!

The shade varies from mauve to dark chocolate, depending on the light.

You can see it in the swatches, on my hand and on my lips as well. But I can’t say that I dread this moment. And that’s obvious that my natural lip color also plays a role there.

As for the texture, it seems to be thick and smooth but it doesn’t want to dry down after application, even though it still feels matte on my lips.

The lippie is tacky and it isn’t pleasant. I have to blot my lips with a tissue (several times, preferably). But still, that tacky feel doesn’t vanish, though it becomes more comfortable on my lips. Anyway, I get used to it over time.

The product really stands out with its staying power. This is so advantageous. After drying down (which takes quite a while, though), the product becomes transfer-proof and it doesn’t stain cups or other dishes.

Also, it doesn’t vanish when I eat something. It can disappear from my inner lip but I can easily touch it up.

It isn’t simple to wash it off, though. I have only micellar water to remove it so I’ll speak only about it.

But I always apply some lip balm over this lipstick, so as not to rub them a lot and remove it. This way, I can wash the lippie off even with a cotton round without micellar water.

Packaging and applicator- Earlier before, I used to have a matte lipstick from the Infallible collection. And I can see that their packages are the same. But the applicator is different.

The housing is pleasant to the touch and ergonomic in my hands.

The applicator has a thin tip, which I didn’t find handy at first because I’m more into round tips.

But later, I got used to it.

Product characteristics:

  • pleasant sweet-chocolate aroma;

  • matte finish;

  • staying power;

  • it doesn’t stain dishes;

  • thick coverage;

  • tacky sensation;

  • it can dry out my lips, so I always have to use lip balms.

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_vdolmat recommends L'Oreal Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

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