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Written on Friday, November 2, 2018
Pros: affordable price, big and handy mirror, can be used for the entire face, excellent shades, it suits snow whites, nice application, no dusting, no pores or flaking skin accentuating, size of the product, staying power, versatile


In this review, we’ll talk about the recently released new palette from MAC Studio Fix.

This palette claims to feature the easiest to use products of fine quality and long-wearing formula, which is an essential part of studio use.

~ My collection was recently filled up with this multi-tasking sculpt palette and a concealer. And I want to start from the palette now! ~


I don’t appreciate all those endless brand descriptions, because everybody is already aware of the brand history and I don’t want to stuff you with the facts of minor importance.


So, let’s pass over to the palette itself!

The palette offers three matchy matte shades for contouring and the three highlighter shades, with a subtle glow, which are to make the face features pop.

I’d say that these highlighters are actually illuminating powders because you’ll never see any chunky shimmer bits in them and in fact, they are almost matte. The contour shades show sheer coverage, which allows me to gain that desired natural shadow effect. Maximum impact with minimal texture - this is one of the mottos of the Studio Fix collection.


PRICE: $39.50 on the official site. If we divide it into 6, then we can see that one refill pan costs no more than $7. This is so affordable for a such a quality palette!


PACKAGING: this palette is a little bit more sturdy than many other MAC palettes from the Studio Fix collection. And it’s pretty heavy too. I still keep in its cardboard cover, because the surface of the palette is such a good magnet for fingertips.

There are 6 huge refills, thick and good quality inner liner and a big mirror.

It’s so top-class!


TEXTURE: all the products have similar texture - matte, silky, easy to pick up with a brush and distribute over the skin. The spending is so minimal that it’ll sure to go a super long way!


ABOUT THE SHADES: since my skin is fair, I opted for the LIGHT/MEDIUM shade of the palette. There’s also a MEDIUM DARK/DARK version available for the darker skin tones.

The palette comprises the following shades:

  • EMPHASIZE - it’s almost a white highlighter, which looks like a face powder for me. I use it as a light illuminating setting powder. It doesn’t accentuate skin blemishes or clog pores. My pores look as though blurred due to those light diffusing micro-bits.

  • CREAM - light creamy beige shade, which is pretty intense, that’s why it’s super economical. I use it as a highlighter for my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and the bridge of the nose.

  • ACCENTUATE - creamy-pink highlighter, which has lighter undertone than in the refill. Since my skin is too fair I use it as a blusher.

  • TAUPE - that same legendary shade for contouring! Gray-brown undertone, medium buildable pigmentation, which can be layered for the desired color kickback. I apply it on my cheekbones to enhance my face features.

  • SCULPT - one more contour shade, which will be more flattering to girls who are swarthy, due to that red undertone. It can also be used as a contour shade.

  • BONE BEIGE - this is the least pigmented one from those three in the palette. It’s more red-toned than the TAUPE shade, and it’s still isn’t as warm as the SCULPT one. I use it as a bronzer for my cheekbones for a light sun-kissed tan.


✔️❗ By the way, all the shades work well as eyeshadows: they apply smoothly, blend out beautifully and never fall out. All that is accompanied with impressive staying power!


So now, I’ll show you my MAKEUP, done with the help of this palette:

  • EMPHASIZE is used as a setting powder

  • CREAM as a highlighter under cheekbones and Cupid’s bow

  • ACCENTUATE is a light, barely visible natural-looking blusher

  • TAUPE as a contour shade

  • BONE BEIGE as a bronzer

✔️ Just one palette and you can already create an excellent basic makeup look, which will enhance your beauty. All the products will stay fixed the entire day!

✔️ If you’re thinking about purchasing a multitasking powder palette, then Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette from MAC is a good choice! For affordable money, you get 6 refills and all of them will be fine for fair skin!



Studio Fix Sculpt And Shape Contour Palette

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