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Written on Monday, March 25, 2019

Honestly, lip glosses aren't my cup of tea at all. There are not many that can really suit me. But it somehow happens that from time to time my makeup pouch is filled with new lip glosses. This is what actually happened to me and this product. At first, I received a mini of it and then I got the full size. So, the hero of my review today is Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in the shade #101.


  • Design:


When my makeup products look good, they’re also pleasant to use. Of course, it’s super to find an affordable product even with terrible packaging but if the contents are fine, that works for me. However, my makeup doesn’t run out too quickly and goes a long way, so having a well-packed product is always advantageous. As for the Make Up For Ever brand, their packages are always on fleek.

Stylish appearance, good quality materials and their branded print of lips, isn’t that amazing?

The bottom sticker shows the product info and its shade. Mine is #101 which is pretty fair.

And it all might sound perfect until the moment I open the tube.

The very first thing that kicks me off is the stopper. It is there but it feels like it doesn’t work at all. The rims of the tube are always stained like there’s no tomorrow. But this downside isn’t fatal. Have a look at the applicator:

Doesn’t it look bitten off a little? Or it’s faulty?

But in fact, the applicator is innovative and exclusive that allows precision and control! There!

The exclusive, artist-designed superflex applicator features a lip-hugging shape that allows for precision and control, and the super-loaded split-tip has a unique contour to sweep on the ideal amount of lip gloss. Available in 35 shades, Artist Plexi-Gloss’s wide array ranges from pearly and non-pearly finishes to sheer and opaque colors.

But in fact, I still feel like there was a huge lot of defective applicators bought for this product. In all other respects, this applicator is okay. It’s movable, rather soft and almost good enough for perfect application…

If only not for that super tacky texture of the formula.


  • Swatches

This shade is good for “no makeup” makeup results.

A peachy lip gloss that doesn’t have any chunky shimmer may be fine!

But it’s too tacky!

You can see its tacky texture in the pictures. The formula doesn’t flow after application and stays where I put it on with the applicator that seems to fall apart any minute. A soft applicator might be in place if only not for the thickness of the formula.

It looks like any other fair lip gloss on my lips. I appreciate that the glossy finish is detectable and the absence of shimmering bits is nice as well. I also love its thick color.

I wear this lip gloss when my eye makeup is too active. I hate lip oils so I always stick to this pale Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss

  • Impressions of use:

So now, I want to put it very clear.

The innovative applicator is a mess. It isn’t handy to use. Why is there that chapped piece? It makes the applicator more complicated and tough to use!

The sponge is soft. Too soft for this kind of texture.

It’s just impossible to spread the formula with it.

This lip gloss is too tacky.

It applies so lousy that it not only accentuates my lip relief but also the texture of the product itself.

I don’t love that feeling when the product is on my lips.

But I won’t scold it forever. You see, I still managed to use up the mini which is half of the full-sized pack. Why?Because its formula is perfect for the cold season.

This lip gloss is much better than all those chapsticks and lip balms together.

And yeah, it doesn’t feather, so one more plus to it.

The coverage is able to live through a 2-hour talk and never gets creased.

The relationship between eating and drinking is too complicated. I always get glued to the cup if I drink something with this product on. You see, I was trying to list the good sides of it and still went on the bad ones in the end.

  • Price:


As for me, I was presented with a mini and the full-sized lip gloss was found in one of the beauty boxes.

  • Overall:

The product is too controversial. It has its advantages and downsides. But the tacky sensation and weird applicator make me forget about all the good.

I used the mini up last winter and now I’m looking at the full size and realize that I don’t want to use it but still feel too sorry to give it to someone else because there are still some pros about the product.

I guess it’ll just keep laying about somewhere at my place...

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