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Written on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yes! Finally! I bought these babes #91 Crème De Rose, #93 Crème De Nudes, #97 Vintage Plum. I also wanted to buy the Dramatic Black, Deep Forest and Chocolate Suede but they were out of stock that day. So today I’ll review only 3 colors #91, #93 and #97.

The products look the same as the first collection of the Color Tattoo eyeshadows. Here the texture has become absolutely creamy. The texture is soft, pleasant to the touch and melts when touched.

I find that Crème De Rose and Crème De Nudes are easy to apply onto my skin. The formula is buildable and no matter how many layers you apply, the colors will always look decent and nice. Consistency-wise #93 Crème De Nudes is worse than #91, it’s too tacky for me.

The scent is very light and problematic to make out. But it’s certainly there, as sometimes I catch some sweet and creamy notes.

I use the eyeshadows these ways: apply solo over my eyelids or use them as an eyeshadow primer. When I use them solo I like the effect they give as they conceal discoloration on my eyes and all the blemishes like blood vessels, uneven texture etc. When I use Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes as an eyeshadow primer I get the pro-long wear of my eyeshadows applied over them. They also intensify the pigment of the products.

As for the lasting power I can’t say it’s insane. On my eyes these products hold up to 6 hours and then crease. Maybe they’ll show a better performance if your lids are dry or tend to dryness. But that isn’t my case, definitely.

#91 Crème De Rose is an alluring dusty beige pinky color with a good balance of cool and warm undertones.

#93 Crème De Nudes is a warm tonned beige yellow-ish color. The swatch looks rather old while on the eyes this color (as well as #91) is hardly detectable.

I think that there’s no reason to buy both colors. Between the two of them, I’d advise you to buy the dusty pink color as it looks more interesting on the eyes and is easy to blend out. Besides it holds on better but that’s subjective.

#97 Vintage Plum is grayish lilac shade that looks muddy once blended. That’s a fail. It applied patchy and always looks messy.

I can see that here they compare the Color Tattoo with Paint Pot by MAC and even say that Maybelline is better to some extent.


It’s difficult to rate these eyeshadows and the collection in general. For me the products look boring on the eyes when worn solo and wearing them as eyeshadow primer is just of no use. It’ll be way better to buy a good eyeshadow primer that will really make your makeup stay on longer.

The only thing I can be delighted about with the Creamy Mattes is when I apply some other eyeshadows over them:

  • Made in Italy

  • Price $6

Stay always tuned! =)

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miamiolga recommends Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes Eyeshadows

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