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Written on Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Now it’s my turn to review the Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes eyeshadows. I have 1 color now but I will definitely buy some more.


Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes in the color Creme De Nude.

Price $6 but I got them discounted for about $4



The glass heavy jar looks exactly the same as the jars in the general collection with an exception of lettering “Creamy Mattes” on the sticker.

My color is called Creme De Nude.



This color is the last one. The fairest one. The first two are Permanent Taupe and On&On bronze out of the general collection.

The color I’m reviewing today is matte, light beige and a little bit yellow. You probably can’t see it well on my tanned skin though on my eyelids, which can’t be tanned, it looks amazing. I use this color as an eyeshadow primer and I’m completely delighted with the result I get.



The texture is thick and creamy. I like to apply it with my fingers. But if it’s a commercial make-up I use a synthetic brush for application. I use this color as a base for loose pigments and loose eye make-up products.

These eyeshadows are unscented.


The color works wonders when I apply it as a primer for gentle, nude make-up looks and fair pigments. This is how Focallure Rose Gold pigment looks over it.

And here is the makeup with this pigment on.

You know, it’s so tricky sometimes to find a good eyeshadow base or primer to apply pigments over them. I noticed that this pigment doesn’t hold on well over my usual eyeshadow primer but over the Creame De Nudes it holds like glue. I also have some badly pigmented eyeshadows which really look pale even over the best eyeshadow primer. The situation changes when I apply them over this product. All in all, Color Tattoo Creame De Nudes eyeshadows are great as an eyeshadow primer. I hardly ever use it solo on the eyes, as it looks too boring then.

One more daily make-up look when I’m in a hurry.

To do it I used Creame De Nudes as a base and then applied my eyeshadows with the Makeup Revolution brand.

These eyeshadows aren’t very good quality-wise but over the Color Tattoo they look… well, you see it yourself:)


I noticed that Color Tattoo increase the weartime of the eyeshadows if I use the product as a base. A lot of eye products crease on my lids very quickly but not when I use this product.

I adore Color Tattoo as they can save and give a second chance to any eyeshadows, even the worst in quality. Smile

Creame De Nudes will flatter any make-up look as it’s light and neutral. As far as I have other colors by the Color Tattoo, I use them the following way: Permanent Taupe goes as an eyeshadow for smokey eyes and evening makeups while Creame De Nudes goes for daily, nude and gentle looks.


The bottom line

I truly recommend the Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes. The color range is good and you can easily find some interesting and base colors to use as a base.


I recommend this product as pigment primer because:

  • all the colors will look brighter and bolder over them. I’ve never gotten such great results with any eyeshadow base

  • pigments hold like glue to this product and look very cool

  • it definitely adds longevity to any eyeshadows

Yours NataHappiness, see you! ​♡​

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NataHappiness recommends Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes Eyeshadows

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