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Written on Friday, August 3, 2018


A hype for matte lipsticks has entered our lives and so far the makeup companies can’t stop producing more and more products, while their customers can’t stop buying more and more lipsticks. Smile


So, this is me, who couldn't withstand a whim and bought this set of two matte lipsticks from the Lip Paint collection at once, from a really hyped Tarte brand.

So, here it is.

A mini golden pack with a lipstick print on it.

The back of the set provides all the necessary info about the products. Pay attention that the list of ingredients is given for each shade.

Inside the set were these two babes Smile At first I couldn’t stop sighing, because they look so cute and tiny.

Size - 1 ml.

Made in the USA

A close-up.

The set features two lipsticks: Rose (on the left) and Fomo (on the right).

I want you to pay your attention again - the lipsticks come with the Lip Paint set, but they have different lists of ingredients, which affects their performance.

The applicators look the same. They are standard and pretty convenient to use. And later, they go different paths. Smile

The difference is visible with the naked eye.

The Rose shade (the left one) is runny, as many other classic matte liquid lipsticks, but Fomo (the right one) is more moussy consistency-wise.

Right after the application. Later, I’ll tell you about the peculiarities of each shade and show you the swatches and more details.

I’ll start with the Rose shade.

It’s of a trendy red-nude color, which really brings back to the 90s. I have a lipstick in the color Bombshell from Huda Beauty, which looks almost the same.

On my hand, they don’t look the same, but on my lips they look identical. I can even wear them both and no one would ever tell one from another. Smile

Speaking about the shade, it’s also noteworthy that it’s a true chameleon color. It usually depends on the light and your skin tone. Even on me it shifts sometimes.

The lipsticks may apply with patches, but it's still possible to layer it. It’ll never crack off with pieces. It’s better to apply it with a thin coat and build-up coverage if needed.

The main thing that bugs me is that the product doesn't want to sit on my inner lip. It usually sets and crumbles there, sticking my lips together. You can witness it from the pictures.

It freaks me out, because I either have to wear no lipstick on the inner lip or apply it there and wait for 1-2 minutes while it sets, with my mouth opened, as though I’m insane.

I’ve already mentioned that it has a classic matte liquid lipstick texture. Such as runny water, which is very easy to coat my lips with. It sets to a dead matte finish. No drying out of my lips. It doesn’t accentuate flaking either. It applies very vividly and shows my lip skin relief. It is transfer-proof.

The staying power is decent - about 6-8 hours. It will sure fade after a meal. The fading is delicate, by the way, no patches or crumbles.

I can’t make out any smell of the formula.


For me, this product isn’t ideal. Taking into account the inside of the mouth application and issues, I struggle a desire of assessing it with 3 stars. But after all, it’s still possible to tame, so 4 stars.

Let’s have a look at the Fomo shade:

This one is also rather interesting. It isn’t ash rose, yet not a fresh flower-bud, a good hybrid of these two. Smile

It also really depends on the light and makeup. Against this shade, the Kat Von D and Too Faced lipsticks look fuchsia and purple respectively.


This lipstick ensures ideal application. It’s really gliding over my lips. The most important thing is not to apply too much with the applicator, otherwise it’ll start crumbling and setting into fine lines. I usually apply one thin layer, because this shade also hates layering, and starts showing skin relief then.

The texture isn’t moussey, it doesn’t dry down. It does set a little on my lips, but it never has a totally matte finish. That means the product isn’t transfer-proof and will stain cups, for instance. It doesn’t dry out my lips and evens out my skin relief a little.

And here the magic begins!

This shade is more long-wearing that the previous one.

Once, I applied it and walked for about 2 hours outside. Then I had dinner and the lipstick faded only from the inner lip, leaving a light tint behind. At the same time, the product was still there on the edges of my lips. I applied some lip balm over and kept on walking for more than 5 hours.

This lipstick smells of something minty. Moreover, I can taste that mint when I apply the lippie. It also gives me a slight tingling sensation.

I like this lipstick more. I want to use it more frequently than the first one, but I have to admit that still there are some issue with application, so fair 4 stars here. Smile

In the end I sum up and say - I liked these lipsticks. It is possible to tame them. They aren’t the best that I had a chance to try, but they aren’t the worst either.

I think that it’s okay to buy such a set to get to know the formula. It doesn’t cost a fortune, moreover, they sometimes have promo and sales on the official site.

The full sized lipstick costs $20 for an item and houses 0.20 oz (6ml) of the product.

Thanks for your attention!

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