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Written on Friday, May 26, 2017

Hello pretties!

So, today let’s make a review of a product which helps us to be even more beautiful every day. I’m talking about the precious and beloved Color Tattoo by Maybelline. Are there any people who haven’t tried them yet? Girls, it’s a crime! A crime against beauty and convenience. Yeah, that product really has some disadvantages, but with time, it’s getting not such a great problem. And now, let’s get started…




Why do I love these eyeshadows?

  • they can be easily applied and blended with a fingertip, which makes them super convenient to use in “extreme situations” (train, plane, everywhere outside the house)
  • they’re very economical
  • they’re functional
  • they can be applied without a primer (if you apply them in the right way)
  • after they run out, you can use the packaging they were in, as a thing to store or mix products in, etc


What to apply them with?

My experience shows, that the best way to apply the creamy textures is with fingers or with a synthetic flat brush.

Like this one:

How to apply:

It’s better not to spread the eyeshadows back and forth, as we usually do with a brush, but to pat them into the skin on the eyelids. It’s very important not to overdo with them, otherwise they’ll look patchy

  • If you don’t want to apply them with your finger and there’s no brush around you, you can easily use a Qtip. It applies these eyeshadows perfectly well. It’ll probably take more time, but still, it’s an alternative to the brush and the finger Smile

It’s better to take out them like this:


What to do, if you want to use these eyeshadows as the liner?

Their consistency is quite thick, so it becomes a bit of a problem to apply them evenly with a usual eyeliner brush. Especially the black and dark colors. What to do then? I use the brush pen, in such situation. It has the sharp edge and takes the eyeshadows very well. With its tip you can easily draw a line, and then blend it out, if you want to.

This is how it looks:



How to blend these eyeshadows and what use to do it?

  • Obviously the fluffy brush won’t help you here at all. The best way to blend these, is with your fingers. And here, I suggest you to listen to some of my rules. I don’t say that you should definitely follow them, no, it’s just a technique I found ideal for me:

Once you applied the eyeshadows on the lid, don’t wait them to get dried, start dragging out the color to the contour of the eye, moving from the bottom up. Then, do the opposite and blend them in the forward, back and forth, this time. It’s very important not to press the eyelid too much, your moves must be smooth, in order not to make the eyes look patchy.

This is how they look on the eyelids:

And this is in the process of blending: In the end you can apply more color in the center of the lid, to make the color more intense (as on the last picture)


And this is how the eyeshadows look, if blended with finger and the round moves:

  • you can also blend them with a q tip, in case you don’t want to stain your fingers. Then you need to apply them with the round moves from the center to the edges. Of course, the result came out not so great, but still, it looks okay.


A few words about how universal they actually are.

  • These eyeshadows can be a great primer for any powder-consistency eyeshadows Smile. Of course, the colors should match. I mean the black Color Tattoo can’t be a primer for the white eyeshadows, etc. However, it depends on the result you want to get Smile

If you use the Color Tattoo as a primer, you will not only receive a very interesting make-up, but it also will be long lasting. Why? Because the creamy eyeshadows let the dry textures stay better and make the color more intense, while dry textures, on the contrary, make the creamy consistency drier and let them stay there and not to move.

Such make-up is better to apply without a primer, as creamy textures don’t want to stay on the primer and become absolutely impossible to get blended. So, before you apply the Color Tattoo on your eyes, you’d better degrease the eyelids with a usual face powder, here’s the secret. Smile

This is the examples of how different eyeshadows stay on the lid, when the Permanent Taupe is used as a primer:

  • These eyeshadows can be also used to create the duochrome effect on the eyes. You’ll need to apply the Permanent Taupe on the entire lid and then there are two options to follow:

1. Apply some mother-of-pearl or satin color, for example, the dark green, on the entire eyelid over the creamy eyeshadows, with a fluffy brush and light moves.

2. Or just apply the same color in the middle of the lid, but now in a thick layer.

You’ll get stunning effect, and then the questions comes out itself: why should we pay much to the professional make-up artists, when we can create the beautiful make-up at home?Smile


So, I think I’ve told you everything that I wanted. And now, let’s pass over to the make-up:

1. Apply the Permanent Taupe on the entire lid + a little bit on the lower. It’s the easiest and fastest make-up, but looks very beautiful Smile

2. Apply the Permanent Taupe above the satin eyeshadows, and you’ll get the absolutely different look. I used the Isa Dora eyeshadows.

3. One of my favorite tricks is to apply the Permanent Taupe on the entire lid, and some satin turquois by Max Factor Earth Spirits collection, in the center of the eyelid. I also applied that color on the lower lid a bit.

4. And again, the light make-up look. Permanent Taupe on the outer corners of the eyes and Bourjois eyeshadows in INTENSE в color 06.

5. The same make-up, but with some Bourjois INTENSE in the color 01 in the center of the upper and lower lids.

6. Technically the same make-up, only some MAC eyeshadows in the color Fig.1 added.

7. It’s also very easy. Permanent Taupe on the entire lid, then Bourjois INTENSE 01 above, and then a line with Timeless Black color.

8. The seventh make-up, but some brown matte eyeshadows in the inner corners and on the lower lid. And I also applied Bourjois INTENSE 01 on the line.

9. This make-up looks a little bit too much, but still it’s ideal for evening or night make-up, when the light is dimmed and you want your glance to be noticeable Wink

To do it, I used Permanent Taupe on the upper and lower lids, then I applied some mother-of-pearl dark green in the center of the eyelid and some mother-of-pearl brown to the outer corners. I also added some mother-of-pearl to the inner corners and finished the make-up with the line and art, if you want:)

10. Here I used the black color of the creamy eyeshadows, and then applied Bourjois eyeshadows in the color 09.

11. And the last, but not least is the obscure, bold make-up in the black and golden colors. I applied Bourjois INTENSE in the color 01 (as you can see, I love it very much Laughing out loud). This make-up will be perfect for the Halloween or New Year party, when you definitely want to grab everyone’s attention Smile

Summing up, I want to thank you for reading me! I hope that I was useful and managed to share the information that comes out from my head with a light speed Smile I also want to note, that everything that’s been told is just my personal opinion and experience. I’m not a professional make-up artist, so I created these make-ups because I wanted to. Smile When I find something useful and convenient, of course, I want to share it with you. My idea is that you don’t need to have a huge pile of expensive cosmetics to create beautiful make-up. The only things you’ll need to have are your fantasy and the desire to create! Smile

Be always loved and beautiful! I wish you all the best:)

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