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Written on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hello readers!


I think that many of you know what dark under eye circles are. Some people physiologically have them, while others have them because of bad sleep or fatigue. I’m among the second group. If I slept badly at night, in the morning my eyes will look terrible. And for such cases I always have a pack of patches as an emergency treatment. And of course I can’t do without a concealer. About one of the concealers that I possess I’m going to do a review of today.



Price: $7

Color: 04 IVORY


The concealer looks like a pencil. On the body part it has the name of the brand and color.


Also you can find some other information there: weight, number etc.


The tip of the pencil is color coded with a top cap.


The concealer pencil is rather big and is about 10mm in diameter. The concealer tip is about 4 mm.


The product is very soft and yielding. It applies well on the skin and doesn’t scratch it. I also have no difficulties with blending it out. The consistency is thick.



Thanks to the soft texture, the product will be easy to blend with fingers as well as brushes.


Luckily, I currently don’t have those terrible dark circles under my eyes. but still I know how to show you the product in action.

Photo before ---- applied some concealer ---- blended out


The concealer evens out my skin color and under eye skin color.

I also noticed that if I apply it too much it accentuates small fine lines. So be sure to apply it with a thin layer and give proper blending.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that the product has average coverage and it won’t conceal serious blemishes and skin imperfections. I tried to conceal pimples with this product and I didn’t like the result. First of all, this product can’t do anything with reddening and secondly, if the pimple is already drying out, the product will accentuate flaking. These facts don’t let me call this concealer a versatile product. During the day the concealer doesn’t crease or settle in the pores. It washes off nicely with micellar water.


As for the spending, the initial sharpness was enough for me to use it 3 times on my under eye area. Then I had to sharpen it. No troubles with sharpening, by the way. I had a double sharpener for thin and thick pencils like this one.




+ nice shape of pencil

+ soft formula

+ easy to blend out

+ evens out under eye skin color

+ doesn’t crease or sit in the pores



- not good at concealing pimples

- accentuates flaking


I recommend this product for purchasing Smile

Thanks for your attention!

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Perky_little_Miss recommends NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Concealer Pencil

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