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Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Pros: affordable, intense color, quite long-lasting
Cons: inconvenient brush, may crumble

Hi there Internet friends!

I use an eyeliner only in the case when I’m not in a hurry, because I'm so clumsy and all thumbs to draw straight lines.

To make it right I need the following: coffee, good mood, distraction reduced environment and tons of cotton pads, otherwise - mission impossible.

In spring I got excited about a new red eyeliner I longed to try! It comes in such a gorgeous and bright package, the color of which coincides with the the color of the eyeliner itself.

The product is available in 5 shades. I find this shade the most exceptional out there. It’s a cold red with a brick-red undertone.

Ready to give Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner a spin? Take your pick from the eight epic colors included in our vibrant catalog. Featuring a flexible and slim brush, this high-shine liquid eyeliner glides on effortlessly and delivers an intensely lacquered look you’ll want to rock again…and again!

I’m not a fan of felt-tip brushes, so I was happy to find this normal brush.

However, I still happened to smear my lashes and remember all the curse words I know. So my happiness was marred by the lack of my skills when it comes to applying liquid eyeliners.

As I’ve already mentioned, the color of the product coincides with the color of the package, so you can easily rely on it.

The texture reminds me of gouache. It’s the same liquid yet relatively thick. The brush picks up just a tad more than I need, but if you get the hang of it and draw sharp lines, it’s a plus for you.

On the package there is a picture with a girl wearing this red eyeliner and the shade is absolutely not real here!

I think that I haven’t fully shown you the beauty of this product, so I have to attach pictures on how it looks on my eyelids. I’m not able to draw graphic lines, plus I’m not much into wearing an eyeliner with eyeshadows, so my look is very simple: mascara + eyeliner.

Thin winged lines:

Thicker lines without wings:

In the sun/ in the shade:

Taking a closer look, you see that the line is a little bit crumbly, but it is only visible in the areas where I tried to remove the blunders with a cotton pad. If you are skillful at it, there won’t be any problems.

The wear time is medium. It lasts all day on me, but removes very easily. I’m pretty sure that rain and tears can damage the look, but I haven’t tried it yet Smile

To sum up, I can definitely recommend it both as an eyeliner for casual wear and for beautiful evening looks. I would really love to see how a makeup artist works with it.



I was going for a walk with my husband the other day. The mood was good as well as the spring weather. I was telling him that when I came home that I would write a review about an eyeliner. And then I showed it to him and asked: ‘Isn’t it beautiful?’ He nodded silently. After a while he added: ‘I noticed you had it yesterday.’ My husband noticed that I was wearing an eyeliner! Can you believe it?

By the way, I already had a red eyeliner once and he didn’t pay any attention to it, even though it was much brighter than this one.

Then I asked him if he liked it and he said: ‘Well, you know that I don’t know chalk from cheese when it comes to makeup, but it is probably beautiful… You girls do it for yourself, don’t you? Otherwise why would you draw your eyes red. It’s weird. I mean really weird.’

These are the words of my young and modern husband, so I guess I know now what my daddy would’ve said. In a nutshell - this is a personal preference kind of thing. 😉


As for me, I loved it and will definitely use it further on!

Thanks for reading my lines!

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alenaelka recommends NYX Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner

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