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Written on Monday, May 28, 2018

I was lucky to try out a few NYX products for free and today it’s the colorful eyeliner I’ll be speaking about, which, I think, will eventually find its devoted fans.

Glossy eyeliners are always classy, and I also have a black eyeliner with this kind of finish, though I prefer a colorful one.

The eyeliner arrived in a cardboard box with all the information and how-to's on it (in case you don’t know how to apply the eyeliner)

The bottle itself is thin and with a long applicator


My eyeliner is violet, and as you can see, the pen is violet too.

This kind of brush is rather unfamiliar for me, it’s thin and soft, unlike those I’ve been using lately.


But as it turned out, this thin tip is really handy and you can draw lines of any thickness with it.


Of course, the main feature of this eyeliner is its color and glossy finish. I got it in a beautiful shade named Crone 03, which I would describe as blueberry. It accentuates the eyes, making the whole makeup fresh, and serves as an alternative to black.

The formula is really nice: medium thick, doesn’t smudge, well-pigmented and dries quickly without tightening the skin. Looks good when applied over eyeshadows, which I can’t be more happy about.

The only thing is to get used to the tip to achieve identical lines on both eyelids.

The glossy effect appears only if you apply the eyeliner in a thick layer.

The eyeliner is waterproof and you don’t have to worry that it might smudge.Effect:

It’s high time to demonstrate the lines of various thickness one can draw with this eyeliner. You can draw a thin barely visible line along the lash line


Or make it thick. It’s easy to draw the eyeliner wing with this tip.There is a one peculiarity: the eyeliner dries quickly and may start crumbling if you try to fix it.

In this photo you can see the gloss and the blueberry color. Personally I love it:)

It was hard to make the line rich. it was thin and I had to apply one coat after another, so the result was uneven. I guess I need more practice.

Life is never sweet without the sour, and I have to mention a con, otherwise my review wouldn’t be honest.

The eyeliner starts crumbling if it was applied in a thick layer. If you touch it, it simply falls to pieces.

So it’s not recommended to layer it, and if you do so, try to avoid multiply coats.

There was no such problem with one coat...but there also was no glossy effect.

I don’t really want to give this eyeliner less stars because of it, because it has more pros than cons:


  • dries fast
  • waterproof
  • beautiful shade
  • easy to draw lines of various thickness


In general, I like it and can recommend it for those who are on a lookout for any alternative to black eyeliner. One just has to master one’s technique, you know.

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Donna Helen recommends NYX Strictly Vinyl Eyeliner

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