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Written on Friday, November 24, 2017
Pros: easy to apply, good texture, matte finish, pleasant scent, thick coverage
Cons: isn’t long lasting, unpleasant feelings while wear


I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews of this Sephora lipstick. Watching the Youtube vloggers, I was captivated by these lipsticks and set off to Sephora to buy one for me as well.

It cost $14


General information about the product:

Made by: Sephora

Manufacturer: Italy

Type: Liquid Lipstick

Staying Power: Long-lasting

Color: #21 Pretty Beige

Classification of cosmetic product: Matte

Hypoallergenic: Yes


Outer appearance:

The product is housed in a usual for a liquid lipstick tube packaging. It’s simple and hackneyed.

There’s a minimum amount of information on the tube: the name of the brand on the top and the name of the collection on the body of the tube.

The packaging doesn’t collect fingerprints, so you won’t have to wipe it after each use.

At the bottom there’s the number of the product, manufacturer and something else I can’t make out.



It’s strange yet pleasant and rather sweet. For me the product smells of chocolate sweets and hard candies. I don’t know why, but I do love this aroma



The texture of the product reminds me of a chocolate spread. It’s very creamy, soft and doesn't take much time to set and dry. It travels when I rub the swatches on my hand, but who ever will rub their lips so much in real life with the lipstick on?


Swatches on my hand and the color

Here are two swatches: blended out and normal. The color really looks interesting. I see it as a mix of gray with pinky-purple colors. The undertone is obviously gray. On my lips it looks too dead. But when I do a rather bright makeup + wear sufficient clothes, it looks wearable.

The lipstick travels down bit, though not much or too critical. I like that it doesn’t feather or bleed while wearing.

Swatches on my lips + application and total look

My camera miscolours the product. In life the color looks less gray and more alive, if I can say so Smile

I like the way it looks on my lips. It’s a very interesting and unusual color. The product doesn't leave any pigment behind and can be easily removed even with a usual tissue. The lipstick accentuates fine lines on the lips, but actually all matte liquid lipsticks do it, so I don’t think it’s a great disadvantage.

Total look

A story

Do you remember that in the beginning of my review I said that I bought the product when I saw the swatches and reviews on the Net? Well,

Actually, I expected it to be nude-like. Laughing out loud

I know that it’s my fault and I had to swatch it at store but still, the lipsticks don’t look an inch the same in the total look.

My experience with this lipstick

I can clearly feel this product present on my lips straight after application. And, frankly, I always struggle a desire to wash it off immediately. The lipstick from a dollar store will be felt the same on my lips while wearing. It’s drying, too drying. After I wear this product for the entire day, I have to exfoliate my lips (before and after though) for a very long time and then give proper moisture and nourishing.


Lasting power

Within an hour after application, the product flakes off with tiny bits from your lips. Besides it stains everything you touch with your lips and that looks and feels terrible.

If I wear this lipstick, I have to touch up every 3-4 hours and it fades completely after ANY food or drink. So, if I eat or drink I have to touch up even more often. It stays on the lip edges well and that’s all.



My opinion is the following: it’s way better to opt for any other lip product with the same finish and better characteristics (NYX Lingerie for example) than suffer all those disadvantages of the Sephora Lip Stain. The price of the Lip Stain is $14 while NYX Lingerie is cheaper. But that's not the point.

I’m too pissed off with the disadvantages of the Lip Stain by Sephora to give it 4 stars.

- Staying power

- Performance

+ Color

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Type: Lipstick
Brand: Sephora
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