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Written on Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I adore lipsticks and I’m ready to write reviews of them everyday! Joking. Smile

Last winter orange lipsticks were so trendy that I couldn’t pass by this trend and of course bought one orangy lipstick for me. But the trend seems to have disappeared but the lipstick stayed. I can remember that day when I bought it. The sales girl was helping me choose a brand and shade and when I told her that I adore Nouba Millebaci Lipsticks, she offered me to give a go to its famous cheaper dupe by the Seventeen brand.

So, that’s enough of a pre-history I think, so let’s pass over to the most interesting.

Product says:

All Day Lip Color

Lips with color that lasts…all day long!

  • Long lasting rich color

  • Does not mark cups or glasses

  • Does not dry the lips

  • Fast drying and precise application

  • Parabens Free

  • Gluten Free

Price: $4.50

Size: 7ml (3.5 ml + 3.5m)

Spending: average


Outer look:

I don’t want to stop your attention here for long. The only thing I want to tell you is that the product is dual sided and has a lipstick on one side and translucent lip gloss on the other.

The lip gloss is to be applied over the matte lipstick.


The product applies with a doe foot applicator - it’s convenient, rough to some extent and applies the lippie good and evenly. I like it.


The lip gloss has a synthetic brush applicator:


After the first use, the lips gloss brush takes the pigment from the lipstick and it won’t look clear any more. Right away I want to say that I didn’t like the way the lippie stained the lip gloss, at all.



I like the quality of the packaging, it's great. Both tubes close tightly and the product will never leak. The logo didn’t fade.


Isododecane, trimethylsiloxysilicate, bis-hydroxyethoxypropyl dimethicone, acrylates/dimethicone copolymer, hydrogenayed polyisobutene, disteardimonium hectorite.

Color, texture, pigmentation, scent:

So, I have the product #14 Orange Bloom. All in all there are about 30 colors in the line.

Orange Bloom is bright red-orange color of warm red undertones. It’s very intense and eye-catching. It doesn’t make my teeth look yellow by the way, which is very good.


This is how it looks on the skin:


The lippie is well pigmented and in the packaging it looks the same as on the lips. It covers my natural lip color but sometimes it can look patchy.

The product is really liquidy and runny in consistency. It reminds me of cheap gouache paint. But you know, I have so many lip products of different textures that it didn’t take me long to get used to this texture and apply it beautifully.


A few seconds after the application the lippie will be tacky and wet. But some time later, it’ll dry out and turn totally matte. The product is beautifully scented. For me it smells of something sweet and floral. I like such smells.


As for the pigment, coverage, shade and application, I like this product.

But there are some downsides to it as well, so keep on reading to find out.


The Lip Color in action:

I want to show you the way the product looks on my lips and comment upon each situation a bit.

So, here the product is applied one layer:


I don’t even have to bother with a macro photo to show you that the product looks patchy. It applies unevenly and looks hideous. So, usually without any further ado I apply the second layer straight after the first.

Two layers look better on my lips but still I feel like there’s something missing in terms of coverage of this product.



I want to say that in the dim artificial lighting the product looks decent even if applied in one layer.



But, bright light, flashlight or daylight will reveal all the patches and mishaps in the coverage.


Despite all the disadvantages, the lippie is wearable especially for an evening going out.

I haven’t noticed any severe drying out of my lips when I wear the product. It's drying, though not as much as many other liquid lipsticks are. Of course it shows flaking and lip flaws but everybody already knows that if your lips aren’t in their best condition, it’ll be better to take care of them beforehand and only after that apply liquid lipstick.


So now let’s move onto the review of the lip gloss or top coating. After I have applied it for the first time, there was only one question in my head: “Why?” Why do they make us apply the top coat once the lippie turned matte? To make it glossy again? But what for? I don’t get it guys. The first two seconds after you applied the top coat, you can see beautiful, pouty and sexy lips:


But a few seconds later you can see the product cracking. The so-called process of crazing in action.



No comments here. They advise us to apply the lip gloss over the matte lipstick but that’s impossible. I wish I could use it over the lipstick. And now I have nothing left but to use the lip gloss alone but I don’t like that it’s clear. I prefer color lip glosses, uhh, too complicated.


Lasting power:

As for the lasting power, I’m delighted with the time the product stays on my lips. If not its lasting power, I would have given it 2 stars. The lasting power is the only factor I can compare the Seventeen product with the Nouba Millebaci. And by the way, the Lip Color is more long-lasting!

The product will survive drinks and snacks. If you don’t drink or eat then 5 hours of staying power is guaranteed for you.

It stains cups and glasses. This is my cup after drinking some coffee.


And here I was drinking coffee with a top coating:

Well, the top coating is to be thrown away, I think. I’ll assess the lippie without this tacky and strange lip gloss, as for me, it’s totally useless. If I am to compare the coverage of the Nouba and Seventeen products, I won’t say anything and just show you this photo:


Look how opaque and even Nouba looks and how patchy Seventeen looks.


As for the removing of the product. Don’t even try to remove it with micellar water or makeup wipes. Nothing will remove it except an oil infused product. I prefer cleansing oils but sometimes I use usual olive oil to remove this lipstick. I like the way it removes the product and moreover, it takes care of my lips as well. Try this method and I’m sure you’ll love it too.


Sum up:

It isn’t the best lippie I’ve ever tried. And I can state that I’m not going to repurchase. I’m not actually sure that I’ll use it up either.

The things I liked about the Seventeen Lip Color:

✔ scent

✔ shade

✔ lasting power

✔ application

Things I didn’t like:

✘ useless lip gloss

✘ patchy coverage

✘ if I apply the second layer to cover the patchy areas it looks messy


In my opinion the product isn’t worth so much fuss about it. Even though the lippie is affordable, it isn't worth spending money on it at all.


Maybe the fault is in my color because I saw a lot of rave reviews of the nude colors by this brand and collection. I saw the pictures of those colors on the lips and they didn’t look so patchy and messy. On many websites the product has good ratings.

But if you want to know my subjective opinion - I don’t recommend this Lip Color, at least #14 for sure.

And this is the end of my huge review!


Thanks for spending those minutes with me!



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