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Written on Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Pros: doesn't feather or accentuate flaking, good pigmentation, great wear time for a lip gloss, i don't feel it present on my lips, nourishes my lips

After writing a review of the Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint - I also decided to write a review of the Tarteist™ Glossy Lip Paint by the same brand. And now I can say that I liked this Lip Paint even more than a matte lipstick! I’m usually indifferent to lip products like lip paints or lip glosses. I can endure them, though I always wait for some terrible sticky feel from them and discomforting feelings. But here, everything turned out to be different.

I got this mini along with the Magic Star Collector’s Set, which I mostly bought because of the eyeshadow colors it offers but I can honestly say it that I was also very interested in the lip product that went along with it. So now I can say that I’m completely head over heels with this set, even though I’ve tried to find at least some faults with it. I think I loved this set even more thanks to the lipsticks.

So, the glossy lip paint. They usually call it a lip gloss, though it offers such a great pigmentation, that it’s a sin to call it a lip gloss.

Shade: Myth

Price: on the official site they retail it for $20 for the full size.

Both lipsticks are true little babes - each houses 1 ml of the content. But I’m more than happy with this 1g, as I just won’t have time to become really fed up with it.

For example, the minis of the Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss have 3 times more of the content and I’m so much fed up with them, that I’m praying for them to become used up. But with this product the process goes differently.

This is how the lipsticks look in the artificial light (the lip paint is the one that is upper)...

And here they are in the daylight. By the way, this picture shows the true colors as they are.

The lip paint has a sponge applicator that is different from the matte lipsticks. But for me it’s okay, as sometimes it feels as though I can apply my lipstick with anything in this world. By the way, the sponge is bouncy and bending, which I don’t really like but still I can’t count it as a critical problem.

There isn’t any shimmer particles to the formula which I’m so happy about. The product gives thick and highly pigmented painting coverage that truly hides my natural lip pigment.

The product is almost unscented, there’s only a hint of cosmetic aroma, and only in case I sniff it properly. For example, the UD lip glosses smell of something bitter and I dislike it. But here I like the aroma of the product.

The things I liked about the Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint:

✨ the lippie doesn’t budge or crease into a film on my lips. It fades delicately and gradually.

✨ It’s long-wearing. If I don’t have a meal, the lippie will stay on for 5 hours for sure (I also tested it in the wind and snow).

✨ It doesn’t apply patchy, doesn’t show flaking and makes my lips really pouty.

✨ The product (!) nourishes my lips. I want to draw your attention to this fact, as I had a lot of lip glosses that used to dry out my lips. But I can easily use this lippie instead of a lip balm.

✨ I don’t feel it applied over my lips.

The things I didn’t like about the Tarte Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint:

⛔ Still the product is a teeny-tiny bit sticky on my lips. (yet it’s logical, as it’s a glossy lip paint after all). By the way, this problem can be easily solved if you wear your hair in a ponytail or take your hair away from your face.

Overall: My lips feel fine with this lipstick on. I don’t know what else I can say here, but I know that it’s a good glossy lip paint that I’m sure to grab in mini once more. I assess it with 9 stars out of ten and of course highly recommend it for purchasing for those who love shining and gloss.

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