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Written on Friday, February 15, 2019
Pros: animal cruelty-free, big tube, it'll flatter swarthy skin, mineral oil-free, nice design, paraben-free
Cons: chunky shimmer, it sets quickly, it won't flatter fair skin tones, no delicate glow


Recently, I looked through my collection of highlighters, which I received from beauty boxes and decided that it’s time to write reviews of them. A highlighter isn’t essential for me, though it’s still worth attention because it can be found in makeup pouches of many girls. I have four different highlighters in my stash. And each one is special. Today, I’ll tell you about the Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter from Tarte.


  • About the product

Made in the USA

Size: 15.9g

Expires within 6 months

Price: $29


I can’t get how it is possible to use up 15g of the highlighter within 6 months, which goes a super long way. That’s why I’ve been using it for almost a year now and thank God it doesn’t make me break out or anything. However, the tube is only half empty so far.

  • Outer look

The Tarte products always stand out because of their beautiful design. Their packages always look expensive and this highlighter is just like this. It’s packed with an opaque tube with golden letters on it, which disappeared from the back of the tube, though are still safe and sound on the front.

The tube is easy to squeeze but thanks to the resilient material, it easily gets its shape back.

I have a mascara, which also has the same golden top cap.

The nozzle is thin and long.

  • My shade is called Sparkler, which is golden and pink shimmer.

It’s a good color, though it won’t flatter you if your skin is pale.

This product comes with three shades: Sparkler, Stunner, Exposed. I’d like to try out the nude color, which I suppose would look more natural over my skin.

  • Texture

The product offers a thick and creamy texture, which is rich and shimmer infused. By the way, it isn’t an easy task to blend out because the formula sets too quickly.

  • Staying power

It’s good that the product doesn’t fade from my skin even within 8 hours of wearing.

I can see it right after the application, as well as 8 hours after that. I don’t know how to get it.


This liquid highlighter from Tarte is something rare and interesting. It offers a rather pleasant texture and it feels like it’ll be easy to blend but the formula sets quickly and it all turns into an accelerated time race: if you didn’t have enough time for blending, then you’ll see stripes of shimmer over your skin instead of a delicate glow.

About the glow. It isn’t delicate. I can see the chunky bits of highlighter on my face all the time from a close distance.

In a word: apply as little as possible and blend out as much as you can.

The shade Sparkler won’t flatter pale skin tones, as well as people with enlarged pores. Well, maybe a good layer of a primer and a foundation will make it look better.

I can’t say that this product is bad but I don’t like it.

I hardly ever use it and I really doubt that I’d ever buy it myself. It’s good that I found it in a beauty box.

I can’t recommend this highlighter unless you’re a swarthy fan of shimmer finish on your skin or you need it as a part of your party makeup.

Thanks for reading!

See you! ♡( ◡‿◡ )

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