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Written on Friday, February 1, 2019
Pros: color, comfy, doesn’t dry out my lips, doesn’t look streaky, it covers up my natural lip pigment, it doesn't stain my teeth, it sets quickly, transfer-proof
Cons: disappears from the inside of the mouth, wear time

I dedicate this review to the Tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint.

I want to start off saying that I’m a makeup junkie. I don’t know how it happened and when.

I can’t get why I need so much makeup at my disposal. Seriously. Sometimes, I can work as a makeup artist but this is not what I do for a living. This is just a treat, a hobby for me.

One day, I just couldn’t restrain myself and was longing to buy a Tarte lipstick.

Tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint is a viral collection of lipsticks which blew up the minds of YouTubers. Now I have them too!


Let’s get back to reality where I promise you that my review will be filled with facts only.


  • Price - $20 for a 6ml item. But I opted for a set of lippies, 1ml each.

  • Made in the USA

  • The product expires within 6 months of opening

  • The ingredients list depends on the shade of the lippie.



Well, it’s standard. I have a set of lippies, which are different with their cap design from the permanent collection.

The rest is the same.

The permanent collection comes with a black top cap. As for the tube, this is something that we’ve already seen before. The NYX lippies look identical. Since my lippies are minis, let’s finish with the design differences and move on.


Matte, packed with pigments, liquid lipstick. Quick setting.

Shade description and consistency:

Since the lippie is liquid, the consistency is liquid and creamy agreeably.

There are a lot of shades to choose from in the collection.

I have 4.

These are beautiful, deeply toned shades, which set to a matte finish. The application is smooth and patch-free.

So, where’s the catch?

Let’s start with 2 fair shades.

The first one is Novel - an alluring nude with peach undertone. It dries down really well. I love the way it looks over my lips. I have almost the same shade from the NYX Matte Lipstick Beach Casual.


It doesn’t dry my lips badly and in general, I feel comfortable wearing it, even though the finish is matte. It stays on till the first cup of coffee. It is transfer-proof and doesn’t budge. Some time later, it leaves my lips, cracking off. But it isn’t so obvious.


The second shade is Reign - ash rose. It’s one of my faves. I don’t have anything of that kind in my collection but I’m working on that.

It covers up my lips on the first go. The pigmentation is out of this world. No patches, streaks or anything.

But the product isn’t long-wearing. It comes off from my inner lip quickly. It can live through a cup of coffee but nothing more. It is transfer-proof and never budging either.

The third shade is Valor - blood red shade

It’s so vibrant, saturated and bold.

And this is the catch, actually. It chips off and smudges. Kisses are prohibited with it on. Your beloved will be stained with red crumbles. Don’t even try to kiss anyone’s cheek, too risky.

This is what it looks like after a meal. But once the color is still on your lips, you’re safe.

And the last shade is Spice - dark cherry-red. I adore this color.

It makes my eyes pop. It’s absolutely the same as the Valor shade characteristics-wise.

However, it may fall out during kisses. Besides, it’ll be very tricky to wash it off. My husband was stained with the pigment the entire evening… Sorry, darling, I was thrown under the bus. It isn’t the most comfortable to apply.

This lippie is a miss for me.


I’m washing off the swatches

With wet wipes:

With micellar water:

With water and soap in the end:

So, now, the bottom line.

The first star is for the shades of the products. The second star is for quick setting. The third star is for comfortable wear time. And here, the dark shades get their 3 stars from me.

After that, I give the fourth star for the fair shades and their staying power.

All in all, I decided to assess them with 4 stars in total.

It isn’t the fair shades to blame.

But I don’t recommend. The dupes can be cheaper and better. For instance, the NYX or UD lipsticks.

That’s it. Smile Thanks for reading my post. Feel free to leave your comments down below and like my review.

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Nast871 recommends Tarte Tarteist™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

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