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Written on Monday, July 16, 2018
Pros: high protection, lightweight formula, suitable for sensitive skin, water resistant

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the most relevant product is summer, i.e. on the Avene Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+ for sensitive skin.

Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+ is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin, light and very fair skin; skin prone to sunburn and skin exposed to intense sunlight.

The Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+ covers a very broad spectrum UV protection using a combination of exclusive active ingredients, SunSitive protection® from Pierre Fabre Research:

Its photoprotective complex is optimised, stable and effective for extended periods. It offers the best protection against UVB and also short and long UVA rays;

Pre-tocopheryl, a vitamin E precursor (powerful anti-oxidant) protects the skin cells from free radicals;

Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, skin benefits from its soothing and anti-irritating properties. Very water resistant. Paraben free.

A few words about my skin: I have skin issues since I was a child. I frequently had allergic reactions, hives and other problems, the reasons of which doctors couldn’t define.

At the moment I have dry skin that is prone to allergies, redness and flakey bits.

However, I was always alright when exposed to the sun. I have olive skin tone that tans easily and never gets sunburnt. As a consequence it never peels, even if I am exposed to the sun for quite a while!

But recently I found out that I have a sun allergy! At first I had just a few reddened areas. I couldn’t get why it was happening to my skin. One day, however, my whole body was all covered in redness after tanning. It was horrible. My skin was itching and burning. It was really painful. It seemed also that my body temperature increased.

So, I had to choose the product that would meet all my requirements, which was not an easy task.

It had to be highly protective, suitable for sensitive skin and easy to use. More than that it shouldn’t leave any white residue on my clothes. Well, via trial and error I found this Avene spray and am really pleased with the results.

The bottle: The product comes in a bright orange package like all the other Avene products for sensitive skin.

The colors are really vibrant, so you won’t forget it at the beach or somewhere.

The pump dispenser: It’s very convenient and easy to use. Pressing it easily, the product flows, so I recommend you press the pump harder to let it diffuse the spray evenly and finely.

The texture and smell: It looks like a lightweight white lotion.

It absorbs very quickly and distributes on my skin evenly and smoothly.

After use there is always a slight glow left, which is hardly sticky and has a nice sweet scent.

It doesn’t leave any white residue on my skin or clothes. Moreover, it doesn’t bleed or come off after contact with water.

Anyway I re apply it every time after swimming. The makers advised doing it, too. This product is also suitable for my children, so we use this spray all together.

The sun is very bright and strong in the area where I live. We hardly have any gloomy days, so this spray is a real lifesaver not only on vacations, but also in everyday life for me.

I use it from May to the end of August daily and it helps me live my life to the fullest: tan, swim and play with my children outside and feel comfortable. The main thing is not to forget using the spray.

More than that I love that Avene takes care not only of me, but also of nature and of the ocean world!

You probably wonder how it happens…

Well, the brand minimizes the impact on the environment and use the compostable formulas only, which are easily digested by marine organisms. Moreover, their products are silicone-free.

So, using sunscreen from Avene means that we do not pollute the seawater and do no harm to the environment.

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Stasenka2018 recommends Avene Very High Protection Body Spray SPF 50+

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