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Written on Friday, December 22, 2017
Pros: 100% natural ingredients, easy to apply, efficient, goes a long way, even if used frequently, helps to refresh my skin during the day, hydrates, pleasant scent, refreshes and peps up, soothes, two sizes available
Cons: price

Hello guys!

I have a very interesting story of our relationships with this grape water from Caudalie. They varied from “I don’t get what I have paid $18 for?” to “oh, please, last forever” Smile And that was because I couldn’t assess this product at once, as the result on the skin can be visible only some time later.


And of course my skepticism played a role when I used to look at this water and questioned myself about its value and real effect.

So, for me it was really difficult to believe that a grape water can do wonders to my skin and be different from the water from the tap in my bathroom. It was tough, though I managed to come to the conclusion that the product works.


CAUDALIE Eau de raisin (Grape Water)

Price: standard size 75ml - $10

Value size 200 ml - $18

I think that the profitable size is obvious. That’s why I grabbed the value size.

Made in France


Product says:

Made from 100% organic ingredients, this gentle plant-based mist, extracted from grapes, works to sooth, refresh and moisturise the skin anytime, anywhere, whilst also reducing sensitivity.

  • Hydrates the skin

  • Soothes the most sensitive skin

  • Preservative free. Fragrance free.

Which skin type is it good for?






Outer appearance and the design:

The product is a metal can with a matte white paint coverage. It looks posh and qualitative. The design is simple and minimalistic. On the front of the can you can read about the soothing properties of the grape water and see a picture of a bunch of grapes as well. On the back you can find all the information about the product.

The can has a plastic cap. It closes with a click and is extremely unlikely to pop open by accident.

Under the cap you’ll find a usual spray nozzle.

It works well and never gets stuck. I appreciate that varying the pressure I can control the flow and the amount of the water coming out.

It isn’t actually a spray but a “dust of tiny drops of water” which are barely noticeable on my face. I like this effect. Smile

By the way, the spray gives out the water as long as I press it. I find this feature very convenient as I don’t have to press the spray several times if I want to spritz my entire face. Press and spray as long as you want.


Consistency, color, smell:

Caudalie Grape Water looks like regular water. It isn’t sticky, oily or gooey. It’s absolutely transparent.

The only thing that can show us that this is CAUDALIE Grape Water is its smell. It smells like grape juice. Not that juice from the shop but the smell of a grape when you bite it. Smile


And the smell isn’t potent or chasing. It’s very calm and natural. I can smell it only while spraying.


My impressions of use of the CAUDALIE Eau de raisin Grape Water:

At first I didn’t see any result on my skin from this water. I think it was because I was expecting too much. I thought that if the product promises moisture, it’ll definitely help me to get rid of flaking and rosacea. It’s obvious that grape water alone will never fight these problems.


BUT this water can fight such problems like dryness and flaking for sure!


I bought this water when it was cold and snowy in my town. Hence my finicky skin was super dry and flaking around my nose and cheeks.


At that very moment the water couldn't help me. And that was the moment when I got totally disappointed about it. I paid $18 and there wasn’t any hint of a result. But still I kept using it and later I realized that I can’t imagine my life without the grape water! What has happened? What’s the secret?

  • Hydration. It’ll be rather silly to expect super effects from this water. But it gives MOISTURE, slight but moisture nonetheless. I can especially feel it after I wash my face with usual water and a face wash. Usually my skin reacts with the following: it becomes tightened and then feels very dried. Once I spray some Grape water over it, my skin soothes immediately. And I don’t exaggerate but say the facts as they are. After drying my face from the spray, my skin isn’t dry or tightened anymore. It becomes very soft to the touch and that feeling doesn’t leave me for a very long time ahead. Since it’s summer now, I use this product instead of a day moisturizing cream. Smile And by the way, I think I can see the accumulative effect of the product if I use it regularly.

  • Skin soothing. I can see that my skin soothes after I spray it with this water, and you will see it as well, if you don’t expect any wonders from the water. For example, this product really saved my skin when I got a sunburn. Once I sprayed it over my face, my skin quickly became less red and it didn’t peel off afterwards.

  • Advanced properties: toning and cleansing. I like damping a cotton pad with this water and swiping it over my face. Sometimes when it’s super hot outsize, it feels as though my skin suffocates with dirt/dust/sweat/sebum and it’s so pleasant to refresh my skin and cleanse it with this water to add some moisture.

How and what to use this Grape Water for?

  • I spray my face with this product when doing clay masks. I hope you all know that you can’t let the clay mask dry out on your face otherwise it won’t be useful and moreover will harm you, drying out your skin and provoke reddening.

  • I also like pairing the Caudalie Grape Water with oils. A lot of people say that water is a barrier for oils, I still can’t apply oils over my dry skin. If I do, I don't see any positive results: on the contrary they clog my pores and provoke dryness. So, for me this water is a magic wand that saves me from these problems. I damp a cotton pad with it, and then apply a few drops of oil (by the way for my skin the raisin-seed oil paired with cumin oil is the best solution). As a result, the oils sink in very quickly, my skin doesn't look oily and feels wonderful!


If you still doubt that this product works, I’ll advise you to buy it and give a try! I can’t imagine my skin care routine without thermal waters or this Grape Water.


By the way: The product is super economical. I’ve been using it for 4 months almost daily, sometimes several times a day and it’s still like new. I’m so happy Smile And I’m sure that I’ll repurchase. I really recommend this Grape Water to you!

Thanks for your attention and I was glad to share my opinion with you!

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HoneyCinnamon recommends Caudalie Eau de Raisin Hydratante Grape Water

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