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Written on Friday, May 18, 2018
Pros: delicately takes care of my skin, doesn’t irritate my eyes, doesn’t leave oily film, moisturizes my skin, suits sensitive eyes, wonderful scent
Cons: doesn’t go a long way, doesn’t wash off water resistant makeup, inconvenient package, pricey

Hello everybody!

I’ve been using this Clarins Instant Eye Make-up for a year now. Before that I used to use a bi-phase makeup remover by L’Oreal, but here I really wanted to try out a high-end product.

At first I really wanted to buy the bi-phase makeup remover by Dior but I was confused by all those different colored bottles in the Dior corner and a sales rep quickly led me to the Clarins corner.


  • Design

Here you can see a cute-looking matte plastic bottle with 125ml of the content. The first phase of the product is actually a blue liquid, which is a lotion and the second liquid is transparent and it’s an oil. When you mix these two together, you get a makeup removing product.

The top cap is convenient as it closes tightly with a click. You can feel free to take this product with you in a bag and be sure that it won’t pop open or leak staining everything around.

Under the cap you’ll find a rather usual “dispenser” which is just a small hole. I don’t know why but the manufacturers really believe that this form is the most convenient to use.

The aroma of the product is very tender, pleasant and non-chasing.

  • Product promises:

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover is a gentle, effective makeup remover. This product comfortably removes heavy or waterproof eye makeup, without leaving behind an oily residue. This product is fragrance free. Allergy and ophthalmologist tested.


  • Ingredients…

-Volatile Ultra-fine Oils: Remove heavy or waterproof eye makeup without leaving behind an oily residue.

-Cornflower and Rose Water: Comfort, soften, and moisturize delicate skin around the eyes.

-Soya Proteins: Help protect eyelashes.

Here’s the list of the ingredients from the official site. And this is what they say on the bottle:

It’s just a regular list of ingredients, full of different chemical components.

  • Use…

-Shake well before use.

-Soak a cotton pad with product and gently sweep from inner to outer eye.

-Then, cleanse skin using the preferred Clarins cleanser.

-Tone skin using Clarins Toning Lotion for Dry or Normal Skin.

-Finish with the appropriate Clarins moisturizer.

Always shake the bottle well before use, it’s very important.

In general, I’d say that this remover washes off my regular non-water resistant makeup well. It doesn’t do it on the first go, yet still I can see the result. I haven’t noticed any oily film or residue left on my eyes after use. All in all there aren’t any discomforting feelings after the use of this product.

My previous makeup removed by L’Oreal used to leave a nasty white film on my skin! Sometimes it could get into my eyes and I had to look through this film until the moment I blink enough to make it disappear. Well, but I can assure you that it used to remove my makeup on the first go. That’s true. Smile

A test-drive of the Clarins Instant Makeup Remover:

Here I applied:

  • my lipstick

  • mascara

  • eyeliner

  • eyeshadow (all by Dior)

  • eye pencil by Ja-De

I pressed the cotton pads soaked with the product for a few seconds and then swiped them gently over my skin only once.

Then I did it again,

And then rubbed the third time for the best results. But still I wasn’t able to wash off my red lipstick, no matter how hard I tried to do it.

How? Why? This product is actually an Instant Makeup Remover. On the official site they describe it as an Instant Eye Make-up Remover

For Heavy Or Water-resistant Make-up.


Actually, they lied! They failed the test-drive…

Pros of the Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover:

  • the product doesn’t leave any oily residue

  • pleasant aroma

  • ir removes my makeup (badly, but still it does remove it)


  • price

  • it can’t do anything about water resistant makeup

  • it removes even my regular makeup badly

  • it doesn’t go a long way

All in all I didn’t like this makeup remover. I won’t repurchase. The most important in makeup remover is makeup removing. I would have even forgiven it the oily residue on my eyes, if only it worked well. But all in all I can’t recommend this Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover! I can assess it only with 2 or 3 stars.

Price: $30, not discounted.

Thanks for your attention!

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