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Written on Thursday, March 15, 2018
Pros: nourishes skin, removes redness, restores skin after atopic dermatitis
Cons: a little sticky

Everyone who have ever struggled with atopic dermatitis know how hard it is to eliminate redness and sensitivity of skin after treating the illness.

I believed the claims of Clarins when they said that this booster would help me with my problem. So, when there was a sale, I finally bought this babe and was right!

The bottle is very handy. To use it, you should turn it upside down and press it to pick up the booster.

I have 3 boosters from Clarins, but this one impressed me most of all. It’s probably because it helped me to get back to my healthy skin.

I had quite a severe outbreak of atopic dermatitis around my nose and my chin. When I cured it, my skin was still very sensitive in these areas. It reacted to cold weather very actively. I had redness that lasted really long after that. Moreover, I had pimples and itchy skin with dry patches when I was outside or in a dry room.

I’ve been using this booster every 5-7 days for a month as the manufacturer recommends.

At first, there was no effect at all. I could notice the difference only in about 3 weeks. My skin got more even and stopped reacting to cold weather.

What impressed me most of all is that after I stopped using the booster, my skin looked the same gorgeous and healthy!

My skin was nourished and all dry patches were gone. My skin tone was even and somewhat glowing. Now I use this product as required. I sometimes add 5 drops to my facial masks once or twice a week.

I’d like to give a tip for those who use this product with creams of other brands.

If you want to see the best results, use the Clarins creams. The effect is better with them.

I’ve been using the booster with Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream and applied it only overnight.

It mixes with this cream easily, quickly and evenly. 3 drops are enough for me to use on my whole face.

As a rule, the cream by itself absorbs instantaneously, but combined with the booster it may soak in for a hour or more, so apply it long before going to bed. Otherwise you’ll only ‘nourish’ and ‘moisturize’ your pillow.

At the beginning my skin felt sticky, which was not enjoyable to me. After absorbing, the sticky feeling disappeared, however. By the way, it was always sticky when I combined it with creams of other brands.

When my skin is overly dry, the booster gives me a nice moisturizing and nourishing feeling that is hard to describe. It reminds me of a relaxing facial mask Smile

More than that I sometimes add the booster to the Clarins Masque Multi-Regenerante Extra-Firming Mask. Both products combine a little harder with each other, but as a result, I get a smooth and even mixture.

It enhances the effect from the mask and nourishes my skin really well.

I haven’t had any daytime Clarins cream at that moment, so I combined it with the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream a few times. But I stopped doing it after a while, because the sticky feeling was with me all day long.

My skin looked like a greasy pancake with honey, even though I had dry skin.

It was impossible to start my makeup when I had it on, as any foundation or powder applied unevenly and patchy. I looked like a sick leopard.

So, I made a conclusion that the booster didn’t absorb and as a consequence didn’t penetrate my skin. I believe it didn’t give me any good results. Moreover, the Clarins scientists do not recommend mixing it with other creams. It’s not only in order to promote their products, but it’s because they just don’t know about the consequences. They tested these boosters with their creams and masks only.

In the photos you can see how the product divides the cream into layers. The result mixture was still uneven. At this I thought that I would get comedones instead of redness.

Well, I decided not to experiment anymore Smile

And used the booster nights only.

The product goes a long way. I’ve been using it quite generously within a month and there is still half of the tube left.

I definitely recommend it for those who have dry, reddened and sensitive skin. This booster does everything it says on the tin.

I hope it will save somebody’s skin too. I’m happy with the results, so a huge thank you Clarins!

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.ELEN. recommends Clarins Skin Booster Repair

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