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Written on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I was angry at Cosrx for not keeping their promises with the anti-acne face cream.


But today I praise Cosrx, though it could be even better.


Let’s get started with the review, then.


Main info:

Made in Korea

The sachet includes 24 patches.

Price: $5




The patches are in a shiny plastic sachet with zip lock. This is very convenient and functional.


The design is red and white.


With the cross in the middle, one immediately gets the idea that it is a medical product, that it is not some trinket but a serious remedy. It’s like the product tells us: “Stick me on your face and I’ll heal you”.


How can you not believe it?


Inside we can find round stickers:

Altogether there are 24 pieces in 3 different sizes. (Some have already been used)


A note was enclosed with the instructions in Korean and English. Well, luckily there are pictures too. Laughing out loud


The patches are partly transparent and at the same time in fair skin color. They are soft, dense and thick.


The list of ingredients can be seen on the back of the packaging:


But there are rumors that it is not the complete list of ingredients.


This is probably the big secret of the company.


It can be seen from the given list of ingredients that there are no medical components here.




One of the important components here is cellulose gum, it should have an absorbing effect. It is supposed to pull the infections out of the inflammation, which accelerates the process of healing of acne. In addition, the patch prevents the spread of bacteria to adjacent areas of the skin.


In addition, the patch protects the skin from environmental factors.




➨The inflamed area should be cleaned carefully, no facial tonic, only with water! Then, the skin should be dried with a piece of cloth, but not rubbed.


The patches are available in three sizes. Choose the one that covers the pimple and press it so that it sticks to the skin.


What comes next depends on the pimple: it may disappear or it may become bigger / or become filled with pus.


►How you notice that the pimple disappears by itself: if the patch was glued in the morning and the pimple in the evening has not grown larger, but smaller or at least the same size as before. So there is a chance that its further development was stopped or diminished.


It is necessary to wear the patch for 2-3 days without removing it. With the patch, the face can be washed. It will not fall off, of course only if you do not rub with force. Peelings should not be used during this time. Instead of a towel, it is better to use a paper napkin. But if the patch is gone, then a new one should be glued to your face instead..


In the photo, my inflammation has become smaller and that was after 3 days with a patch on the face.


And after another 2 days, the inflammation is completely gone.


► Another scenario, the pimple gets bigger. No signs of healing.


What do I do in this case?


I'm wearing the patch for 2-3 days on the pimple. After the third day I take it off and look at the problem or the result.


If I see that the pimple is not ripe yet, I stick a patch for 1-2 days more and wait. Mostly the pimple is then ready to lose its "content".


Then I treat the inflammation with an alcoholic product and press very lightly on the pimple. So the content comes out and I continue to treat it. This wound is very small and soon gets a crust and then heals completely.


Despite my greasy skin and large pores, such pimples are infrequent guests. They always leave spots, though, and then I get rid of them with masks and scrubs. After these patches, the spots are much smaller.


How about patch and make-up?


I usually do not use makeup on such days. But sometimes there are situations where it has to be.


I just wear makeup over the patch.


In this picture you can see a BB Cream and face powder over it:

From a distance:

If I say that the patch is invisible, I would be lying. It can be seen if you look closely. But that's not so bad, definitely better than the ripe, red pimples. Concealing such stuff with concealers would be risky because they may get even worse.


Choose it for yourself:: a few days with the patch or with a major pimple.



I’ve been using these patches for 6 months and, in general, they work. But there were also times when they were helpless against pimples. Therefore, they do not give a 100% guarantee.

I'm still satisfied with the effect, though.

I can recommend these, if:► You don't get pimples too often, otherwise you’ll run out of the patches pretty fast


►If your pimples aren’t caused by health issues..


This patch is not a serious treatment, it is more of a one time quick help.

If you like popping your pimples, these can prevent it.Tip: Try to stick the patch on pimples that are just emerging. This increases the chance of a positive result. For me the disadvantage is that the patches do not always work and I have to keep them on. It can’t remove your pimples overnight. You need to wear it min. 2 days. My max. with the patch was 5 days.


You can not rely on the patches like a magic potion. That's why I would not recommend these if you have serious skin problems.

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LesyaSha recommends Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

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