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Written on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Everything seemed to be fine at first! When I got a mini-tube of the famous Exfolikate treatment, I couldn’t be happier because I love this kind of stuff.

I won’t copy and paste all that information like: thousands women saw an immediate improvement and married princes after this treatment.

A short product description, though:

”The Hollywood 2-minute facial.” Exfoliate and polish skin with ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to reveal a glowing, fresh-from-the-clinic complexion. Kate’s bestselling exfoliator is formulated with face scrubbing natural exfoliants to deep clean clogged pores without over-drying skin. Lactic acid and fruit enzymes— papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin—reveal smooth skin and a brighter, healthier-looking complexion in as little as one use. This signature formula works both physically and enzymatically to deliver safe, dramatic results from the comfort of your home.


According to the information on the backside of the tube, it’s supposed to suit sensitive skin too:

Directions of use:


-Use once or twice a week, AM or PM.-Apply a thin, even layer to a clean, wet face, massaging in a circular motion for 30 seconds.-Leave on for up to two minutes.-Rinse and gently pat dry.Precautions:-This product may cause the skin to tingle and flush slightly for a short time.-For sensitive skin, leave on for less than one minute, or use ExfoliKate® Gentle instead.

I thought the fact that it can make my skin tingle is kinda alarming. I know that when they write such things it WILL burn. The authority of the famous cosmetologist nipped my doubts in the bud. Plus, the smile on cap is saying: everything’s gonna be fine

The list of ingredients can be found here in this booklet, which I couldn’t glue back to the tube.

Let’s remove the foil

Put the cap backAnd squeeze out a bit of the miracle exfoliator

Eww, it looks as though a bird pooped onto my hand, and it has eaten something wrong before doing it. But appearance isn’t the most important part of an exfoliator, is it?

The treatment contains no artificial colorings, so this is its natural color. And no fragrance, they say...and yet the treatment has a sharp smell of citrus and spices.

In the first 3 seconds, my skin burned like never before! It was very painful!

After a while, the burning stopped, but I didn’t keep the treatment on for more than 3 minutes. In some reviews, I saw that girls kept this greenish substance on for 15 minutes...well, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Concerning the effect: I was thrilled with the results I got the first two times: my skin was soft, smooth and fresh, and it was worth the suffering.


But on the third time, however, the burning sensation was back even after I’d rinsed the ExfoliKate off. My skin started burning in the nasolabial area, then on the cheeks and after a while, my whole face was on fire!

The skin was red and irritated, as though swollen from the inside. I thought it was due to the facial mask I applied after this exfoliation treatment. My skin was red for a week, and then it started flaking.

Okay, once again, I thought it was the side effect of another facial treatment, so after two months I tried to use this product once again. This time, I applied no facial mask after it, because I was late for the train...and in an hour, I felt the familiar tingling sensation around my mouth. I didn’t sleep that night, trying to save my face with all the possible remedies I could find in my travel bag.

That’s how my face looked under three layers of a good foundation:

You see, these uneven spots around my nose are pores, and yes, they were visible even in such a photo and from a distance. My face was so swollen that the pores turned into craters. It was simply impossible to conceal them since all concealers “fell” into them.Luckily, my suffering didn’t last long, and I managed to find a few effective remedies in my travel bag.

So, it was clear which treatment caused such a reaction (or even a burn).

Well, if you are tired of your skin, go, take it. Personally I’m going to throw away the almost full tube and forget about this nightmare.

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