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Written on Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Pros: easy to smear over my skin, it nourishes and softens my skin, natural and organic ingredients, natural scent, pleasant texture
Cons: grew moldy too quickly, it clogs pores, it leaves greasy residue

I’m not a fan of skin butters, you know. They are such fake multitaskers, which are for everything, yet at the same time for nothing. So, I was too charmed with a huge discount when I ordered this product. Later, I found out that the discount was barely the only advantage that this cream has. Our acquaintance has finished so unexpectedly and quickly, that I can even say that it was a scandal.

So, first things first.

This is the Everything Dream Cream from the American brand Trevida. It’s formulated with organic shea butter, grape seed oil and acai extract. The product retails housed in a 3.4 oz (100.55g) big plastic jar.

The top lid is made of metal and is screw-on. It also has a beautiful silver sticker here, which really adorns the jar.

Here are the suggested uses from the jar, which is also a short product’s description.


I don’t believe you, Trevida. If a product is infused with shea butter (and any other saturated butters as well), you can feel free to say “Hello” to greasy residue on your skin. And of course I don’t recommend that you dab this product into your face, especially overnight, because you’ll seriously risk of getting blind pimples and clogged pores for good. To top it off, the product is sure to stain your pillow cases. In the morning your face and hair will look as though you were staining yourself with mud the whole night. But, aside the shea butter, what it’s also formulated with?...

Trevida USDA Certified Organic Everything Dream Cream works so well, you’ll think your dreaming! It takes on every angle of dry; thin hair frizzy fly-a-ways, coarse curls, cracking cuticles, peeling heels, rough, itchy elbows and more. Trevida Dream Cream melts in deeply and thoroughly, leaving no heavy or greasy residue, only extreme, intense hydration.

Ingredient Super Stars

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER - anti-inflammatory with a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids to hydrate skin cells at the cellular level.

ORGANIC ALOE LEAF JUICE - Aloe juice penetrates the outer layer of skin four times faster than water and speeds up skin cell reproduction by eight times!

ORGANIC ACAI EXTRACT - Super Anti-oxidant that helps reduce signs of aging with a powerhouse of nutrients, fatty acids and vitamin E. Acai also retains anti-oxidant properties even after exposed to the air, creating long lasting results.

ORGANIC GRAPE SEED OIL - Reduces the signs of aging and wrinkles by aiding in restoration of collagen cells. Wards off acne and balances skin tone for youthful plump skin.

NO HARSH CHEMICALS - this formula is USDA Organic from plant based ingredients, so you will not experience any itching, redness or swelling that can happen with products with Retinol and other harsh chemicals.

Besides greasy oils there’s also wax and glycerin in the components. Can you imagine how thick the film residue will be on your skin, after application of all these residue creating components?


95% of the ingredients are actually organic.

The product even has an USDA certificate.

Pay attention to the fact the cream doesn’t have any other information like expiration dates, shelf life or storage requirements. The bottom of the jar isn’t informative either. The cream didn’t have any other casing, seal or packaging, which might have had some info on it, but no, nothing. Only this jar.

There wasn’t also any inner liner or a protective membrane. Just open the jar and start using the cream!


The cream has pliant texture.

For me it’s a butter, not a greasy ointment, as it may usually happen with the same multitasking creams.

The scent is light and unobtrusive. I can make out herbs and essential oils notes in it.

A little bit goes a long way and I like the way the product distributes over my skin. This jar might be enough to use within a year BUT...! I’ll tell you about what happened with it a little lower.

Of course it requires some time to sink in. But still it never sinks in fully, after all, there are butters, wax and glycerin in the ingredients… I used to apply a little bit over my hands and feet before going to bed (sometimes I could even wear cotton socks and gloves), and massaging the formula into my skin. In the morning I used to wake up with soft and nourished skin which wasn’t flaking or cracking. The product used to work good as a nourishing balm for my skin and I would have never said anything negative about it.

I didn’t dare to apply it over my face skin or hair, because I’d definitely had my face covered with blind pimples and hair looking like a greasy mess.

And I was almost ready to write a positive review of this product, with the only remark “not for face care” when I had to leave for some time and of course I didn’t take the full sized products with me. Later, when I got back home, I’ve found this.

Here it is, the organic paraben-free cosmetics! There’s nothing surprising that mold grew over the product filled with a plenty of oils and extracts. There wasn’t any additive to stop it from growing. (excluding the alcohol maybe, but I deem that it evaporated very quickly). But the product was natural!

I want to remind you that there wasn’t any “fridge storage” or “use within a week” info or a sign on the packaging or anything of that kind at all. By the way, it’s been only 2 months since I opened the membrane-free jar and found mold all over the cream.

And I have to confess that I’m really glad that I looked in the jar in the daylight, because I usually used to apply this cream overnight with no lights. I can’t imagine what I could have experienced if I opened the jar and dipped my fingers into this slippery and slimy moldy substance, accompanied with a matching smell. Yuck!

I’d better keep on using paraben infused harmless cosmetics, rather than the products with mold. It doesn’t at all mean that I’ll never ever use any organic products again (there are still some decent brands exist that indeed), yet it was a little reminder for me that “organic” doesn’t always mean “good quality or safe”, even if its efficiency is proved with certificates.

I bought this product from Amazon with a huge discount and it costed only $1.49. The overall price for one item is $17.95 and it’s already discounted, as far as I know. Well, I wasted only 1.49 bucks, I take it as though I bought a sample, but if I splurged $20 for the jar, I can’t even imagine how wicked I’d have been when it went moldy.

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