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Written on Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Pros: anti-static properties, detangles wet hair, doesn’t pull out my hair, easy to wash and clean, nice design, quick and easy to detangle my hair, suits kids

☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆ Hello readers! ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

You know sometimes it happens that you dream about something for so long and it doesn’t come true, even though the dream is so simple and can come true at once. This story is about me and this Tangle Angel brush. I was longing to have it so much that one day it even seemed to be something unobtainable for me, like an Oscar for example.

Why didn’t I bought this turquoise angel earlier?

You know after so much waiting, when I bought this brush I was carrying it home like it was the most precious and expensive vase in the world. Smile

My precious is named Tangle Angel Totally! Turquoise:

Only by its box I could already judge that the brush would be awesome:

Boasting a beautiful and innovative design, the Tangle Angel Brush - Pink is a godsend for knotted hair. The flexible de-tangling bristles glide through your locks to leave your hair soft, smooth and easy to manage.

Better than promises on the box can be only… the brush unboxed!

I understand if you don’t share my excitement about this brush, but seriously, for me it’s like a piece of expensive jewelry!

And even though I spent a lot of hours reading the reviews of this brush and looking through thousands of photos, only after the purchase I saw that the angel doesn’t only have wings but also a back and buds! Smile

I don’t know how it’s for you, but for me it’s a boy-angel, as I clearly see the masculine back forms. Smile

The bristles aren’t the same in length- they are wavy-like. Starting from the hollow to the center they go higher and then gently go lower making the outer row the highest. I really wanted to show it in pictures, though I guess I failed.

I don’t know how the difference in bristles affects the combining for me but for my 2 year old baby this brush turned out to be anatomical! We’ve never had such a gliding on his hair brush that would gently comb all the knots before.

He isn’t even against combing anymore, even though he used to be very much against this process.

My son has long hair and I don’t want to cut it, even though curly hair tangles a lot. So, the only way out for us is the Tangle Angel. And one brush is not enough for our family!

One more great feature about this brush is that you can hold it either by its handle:

Or by the wings:

And the last method really reminds me of the Tangle Teezer version.

Apart from the visible and notable advantages, the Angel has some other features and characteristics:

Special antibacterial additives:

I had (and I still have) the brush with the keratin bristles, so I do believe and I’m not surprised that the brush really has some special antibacterial components.

Heat-resistant bristles.

In summer I hardly ever blow dry my hair but in winter, it’s a must and for me it’s a very important thing that my brush doesn’t get damaged from the heat.

Anti-static properties

It’s true! My hair isn't static-y anymore.

☆.。.:*・°☆ My experience with the Tangle Angel ☆.。.:*・°☆

Here I want to say that if you got used to massaging brushes or to those with metal and rough bristles, you’ll feel a great difference using this brush!

Soft, yet very flexible bristles seem to smooth out your hair rather than comb but in reality the Angel really combs it through no matter if your hair is wet or dry!

Moreover the Tangle Angel won’t leave your hair volume-less or pull it out. I like the way the brush combs my long hair from the roots to the very ends.

And I find the Tangle Angel easier to clean than usual brushes. If you do see hairs on the brush it doesn’t always mean that the Angel pulled it out. Everyday we lose some hair and that’s normal. Be careful that normal isn’t much.

I really recommend this brush! Even if its bristles were of the same length, even if it didn’t have all those anti-static and heat-resistant properties, I would still be raving about this turquoise Angel!

Because this hair brush is really beautiful and cool. Innocent

By the way, the brush can stand vertically! A real treat for your beauty table, isn’t it? Love

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Kapitu recommends Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush

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