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Written on Friday, January 12, 2018

Hello beautiful ladies!

I hardly ever wear bright lipsticks. But still I believe that bold, red, crimson and bordo lipsticks should be firm residents of every girl’s makeup bag. Just in case, you know Smile

I bought two absolutely odd and strange colors of lipsticks for me colors from the Dior Rouge collection 028 Mazette and 813 5th Avenue.

The tubes are usual, strict and classic, absolutely in the House Dior style.

The product has a very pleasant sweet scent. Frankly speaking this scent reminds me of my granny’s lipsticks which I used to toss and adorably look at when I was a small girl.

At that time I was dreaming of having my own lipstick when I grow up. I grew up and currently possess about 50 lipsticks. But only the Dior Rouge lipsticks remind me of my childhood.

The application is even, patch-free and non-drying. The product doesn’t accentuate flaking and isn’t bleeding. It can easily live through a meal without making my lips look unpleasant.

The staying power is approximately 4-5 hours. After 2-3 hours of wear the product becomes matte on the lips even though it has a satin finish otherwise. Removing it is easy-breezy and all I have to do is to swipe a cotton pad with micellar water over my lips and that’s it.

My lips before. No capstick or lips balm. As you can see my natural lip color isn’t bright (that’s why I love my lips so much)

Dior Rouge 028 Mazette - is so festive and extravagant. This color is very summer-like for me. I like wearing it when it’s hot, I’m tanned and wear a beautiful summer dress or shorts. It’s a bright coral-crimson color that doesn’t look “barbie pink”

Dior Rouge 813 5th Avenue - is just the bomb! Explosion of color and brilliance! This is a special occasion product for me. Dark vinous color which makes my teeth look whiter. I like wearing the 5th Avenue in winter with my fur coat and high-heeled boots.



Price: $35

Thanks for reading my post! Have a good shopping spree! Smile

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Annitr recommends Dior Rouge Lipstick

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