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Written on Thursday, January 11, 2018

I used to think that girls with fair skin tone should wear only nude lipstick. Luckily I’ve changed my mind. No more nude lipsticks! I’m turning to the gorgeous berry-like and fuchsia colors that will bring me into high spirits. And of course such colors will garner a lot of attention, won’t they? Are you interested?

Welcome to read my review then.

Actually I’m not so emotional, but I just don’t know how to react differently to this product! I’ve been testing this lippie for almost a month already trying to be picky and find faults with it but I couldn’t. I’m absolutely delighted with it starting from the silver smart lipstick tube, which has become darker over time though more elegant, and finishing with its performance on my lips.

I like bold colors but not on my lips alas. It doesn’t at all mean that I have complexes. On the contrary, I love my appearance and I guess that I love it too much, but you know, I just can’t wear bright colored lipsticks. I don’t know how to explain it.

What’s more I have full lips and bright-colored lipsticks can make them look too full and weird.

That’s why for a long time I was shying away from those seductive colors and usually opted for muted and nude shades.

Yet I couldn’t pass by this beauty.

The renewed collection was calling for me and the Daring color was seducing me to buy it. But at the store I accidentally picked up the wrong product, swatched it and immediately fell in love. Without any further ado I quickly headed to the check out to buy this lippie.

I don’t like them relaunching makeup collections at all. Even when it comes to Dior. In one of their relaunches I lost my Holy Grail foundation and powder. And yes, I also lost some very good lipsticks. So, each time I hear about a “renewed collection” or “relaunching” it always hurts somewhere inside of me.

So when I heard that they were going to relaunch their Rouge collection because of the significant date (60 years, if I’m not mistaken) I felt really shattered. I hardly managed to restrain myself to not head for the Dior store to buy all the remaining tubes but now I’m so happy that I didn’t.

I was totally delighted with my lipstick from the old collection and I couldn’t even have guessed that it was possible to make it more creamy and softer than before.

Now I understand what a thick long-wearing lipstick should look like!

It should be flawless, non-drying (yet it doesn’t give any moisture as well) and very long wearing (preferably till the moment it sees the cotton pad with micellar water)

I’m smiling now, as I understand that I’ve been wearing this lippie for 2 weeks already and I can’t even imagine my life without it.

I’m exaggerating, you know. And I absolutely don’t care that half of the collection colors are wild and will never flatter my complexion.

I guess you understand why I’m raving about this product so much.

Not that I simply advise you to give a go to this product, I highly recommend you to buy this lipstick by Dior. Thank God the color selection is huge and you’ll definitely find a match.

Price: $35

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Veleena recommends Dior Rouge Lipstick

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