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Written on Monday, March 19, 2018

I feel pretty cold towards lipstick.


I don’t usually paint lips except that period of my life when I was strutting out with a RED tint on my pout (Whose blood did you drink? Your husband's? - No, those were my students!!!).

I dislike the feeling of having something on my lips. Lip glosses are oily and horrible, and even a lip balm is something I want to remove after an hour of wear.

But now it looks like I got three matte lipsticks at the same time!

For this extremely photogenic box I had to shell out £15.

At first, I didn’t want to buy it, but then my hubby came and bought the set. Since then, he keeps asking me “Where is the red?”

The lipsticks look stunning. This is a dream of any kinesthetic person, a heavy matte bottle which can stand a life in a makeup bag without losing its beautiful appearance.

I have the shades SugarMama, Venus and Socialite. On the side of the box we can see the color, on the front - the lipstick on the lips. The coloring is similar, but only one of the lipstick truly matches its representation. Remember that old meme “What color is this dress, blue and black or white and gold”? So it’s a matter of perception, I guess.

About all shades:

I’m totally in love with them! The lipsticks are so damn awesome!

It’s the only lipstick I never hesitate to paint my blue lips with!

Each lipstick is easy to apply and the applicator is just the right size and quite handy. I don’t think these details really matter, plus one can get accustomed to any applicator, but at least the Huda Beauty lipsticks don’t make the first application even more difficult.

Some of the shades were way too thick, some of them a little bit sheer, but anyway, the lipstick can be layered and therefore the gaps can be filled.

The lipsticks can be easily washed off with any cleansing oil and they don’t leave anything on the lips.

There are a few cons, though:

1. After application, you have to sit for 30 seconds with your mouth open, waiting for the lipstick to dry. Usually something happens within these 30 seconds which requires your shouting.

2. Is the coverage finally dry? Then hi, the visible relief! I even feel ashamed, as though I don’t take care of my lips at all, they look chapped. I gotta do something about it...Use a lip scrub, probably?


They look extremely cool from a distance. And one more thing, which is quite important for me: once it’s dry, the lipstick doesn’t feel heavy or oily or sticky on my lips.

Also, the condition of my lips hasn’t worsened since I started using these. I don’t see any dryness.

I can’t count the lasting power as an advantage or disadvantage of the product, since it strongly depends on whatever you use on the lipstick territory. It easily survives conversations or a morning coffee with a little candy.

But if you had a snack, go and touch it up, because if there was something fatty, the lipstick comes off the lips in a heartbeat.

About each shade separately.


Forgive me, makeup gurus, but I still cannot take a perfect photo of a perfect makeup. I can’t paint my lips and I do feel ashamed about it.

Venus: I’m your Venus, I’m your fire and I don’t remember what lyrics come next.

If you aren’t sure what kind of makeup to wear, wear Nude! This shade got under my skin. When I try to describe it, there is one word that crosses my mind: Harmony. I don’t really know why.

This shade seems to suit anything. It’s a really appropriate brown, a comfort zone you can easily enter and hardly escape. Am I in a vicious circle?

The coverage is even, you don’t have to perform a rain dance to apply the lipstick smoothly (only if your lips are in normal condition) Apply, let it sit and you can go out. Wear sunglasses and you don’t have to apply eye makeup at all. (Ew, what a bad girl!)

There is only one problem with this color - it makes you forget about all the others. I should definitely order more…

Sugar Mama? Hi, my pale-lipped friend.

Everything seems to be complicated with this color. It’s a pinkish nude on the website, and a reddish-pink nude in the real life. Not the most popular and easy to use combination.

The result doesn’t match the image on the box. But, to its credit, our pale friend provides a good coverage (except for lip imperfections which can’t be covered at all), and applies evenly and smoothly.

Actually such colors are pretty nasty as a rule. They aren’t easy to wear and don’t usually look good. The first thought that occurs to me when I look at such colors is an instagram diva with a duck face

But nevertheless I liked the color. I deserve a death by snu-snu. I think that it would give me a human appearance in winter when I pretty much look like a white walker Smile

Socialite. When the matte lipstick isn’t really matte.

Or is it...what was the trendy word? Metallic? Or shimmery? Correct me if I’m wrong.

The shade is kinda weird. Only after I’d put it into the shopping cart and paid for it I started wondering: Why do I need this strange color at all? But there was something utterly attractive to it.

At first it startled me. It is so well pigmented and glittering. I thought: Where's my sweet beige safety zone? Paint my lips with THIS? Will it provoke another breakdown, after which I would walk around like a vampire with bright lips?

Afterwards, I took a closer look at this matte guy. But where was the pigment? I saw nothing but glitters.

Plus, the coverage becomes uneven as quickly as I run to my coffee machine every morning (I mean, really fast). And I can’t apply two layers properly.

On the one side, I applied only one layer, and on the other side two. And yet there are still gaps. Yes, I’m seriously ham-handed.

However, the gaps are visible only if you look closely (and if you are a girl). My husband said: the color is cool, what’s wrong with you?

Honestly, I don’t wear this color because it’s way too bright once all the gaps are painted over.

And it’s a terrible combination with a pink skin tone after sunburn.

The bottom line: I have the most positive experience with these lipsticks, and it doesn’t matter if they emphasize the relief of the lips or dry only in 30 seconds and you have to sit with your mouth open. But the coverage doesn’t feel heavy, oily or dry. The lasting power is superb, but you don’t have to rub your lips with sandpaper in order to remove it.

If you choose the colors carefully, you’ll definitely be delighted by it! I can give it 10 stars for the Venus alone Smile These are gorgeous and they won’t be just dead weight in your makeup bag!

I’m so tired of writing glamorously! Here comes the yob!

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