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Written on Monday, October 16, 2017
Pros: applicator, beautiful design of the packaging, picturesome, scent, versatile
Cons: no staying power, pricey, sheer coverage

Hello lovelies!

A perfect matte liquid lipstick. What’s it like? Long lasting yet comfortable I guess. It should be of a beautiful color and give opaque coverage from the first layer. It should be beautifully scented with a pleasant aroma and by no means chemical. These liquid lipsticks have been praised everywhere. All of them were writing only positive reviews giving it 5 stars and of course I was hooked. My review won’t be positive and you’ll see why, just keep on reading.

General information:

Brand: Kat Von D

Price: €20

Place of purchase: Sephora, France

Shades: Hawkwind - nude sienna. Sanctuary - nude coffee

Size: 0.22 oz/ 6.6 ml

Outer appearance:

The packaging is awesome! Look at all these prints that really remind me of Game of Thrones 😏. Roses, silver, very beautiful indeed! By the way, if I’m not mistaken the design was created by Kat herself, but I can be wrong.

The tube is thin and long. It isn’t fatty and short like we are all used to seeing. Smile The design is trendy and alike from the others.

I’ve been using this product for a few months and only the lettering with the brand caption, which used to look very gothic, has faded a little bit.

The design is really superb and unique.


It’s usual. It looks like Inglot’s or Sephora’s applicators. It’s very precised and convenient to work with. The stopper inside works well, it doesn’t let the product come in big portions. One “dip” of the applicator wand is enough for me to apply the product over both my lips.


It’s pleasant and quickly disappearing once the product is dry. No issues with the scent for me.

Swatches on my hands and total looks:

Hawkwind is red and on the bottom swatch.

Sanctuary is gray and on the top swatch.

Hawkwind, Inglot, Sanctuary, Sephora. Thick and thin layers.

On this swatch you can see how sheer the coverage is, especially the red one (I know that it isn’t red, I just call it that. And the second is purple for me). I can’t blame the product for this sheerness. Who knows, maybe that’s all in my skills. But I also asked my friend to apply these lipsticks, she is obsessed with cosmetics and can even apply chalk making it look good. So, she didn’t manage to apply them evenly either. Well, that’s very bad guys.

But the colors are astonishing. In the photos they look plain and usual but in real life they look bolder. They look especially vibrant in the evening in dim light. These lippies are dupes for the nude shades by Sephora I think. But actually they don’t look nude at all. Smile

Hawkwind - (red one for me). The color is a mystery for me. On the swatch it looks absolutely different than on the lips. Sometimes it looks redder, then it changes and shows some brown undertones, once I even saw it seeming gray. All in all the shade is deep brown on a warm red base color. When I apply a thin layer of it with my finger or a brush, I can see a gentle brown-red nude color on my lips. It looks like my natural lips’ color but better.

Sanctuary (purple for me). It isn’t nude at all. Even though they market it being nude. Maybe it looks so dark on me because of my complexion? My skin isn’t dark but it isn’t fair either, I don’t know guys, it’s too complicated.

I think this color may look nude-like only on very tanned and dark skinned girls. In general, I’d describe the color as lilac with some other muted color. Smile

It looks darker in the shoot by the way.

In the daylight both colors look more nude-like. I’m not satisfied with the photos I took as none of them shows the true color of the products, even though I tried my best. The product is a real chameleon as it changes its color which is impossible to show with the camera.

Swatches on my lips and texture:

The texture is beyond all praises. It’s great and comfortable. Texture-wise the products remind me of a gentle souffle, not that water-like one. The products dry out rather quickly on my lips. The most interesting thing is that even if I apply several layers, the product will never crease or flake off.



The red product looks sheerer than the purple one, even though both of them are rather shitty in coverage.


Swatches on my eyes

Sanctuary on my eyes. I applied one layer of it and you see how semi-transparent it looks. If you layer it, you’ll eventually get good coverage but I don’t actually need it.

The staying power is good.

My eyes can become watery or itchy but still the wing will hold up the entire day looking as though just applied.


The product really glides on my skin. The application is great, as the product applied with a thin layer on the first go and never looks cakey. But again the coverage looks sheer and patchy in the end. I’m very upset about this factor since the product isn’t cheap. And for the money I guess I can get a better quality. :с

Staying power and my impressions of wearing the product

The staying power isn’t at all good. The products stay put for a couple of hours and on the third hours they start fading from the Cupid’s bow (it’s the first time ever I see a lip product start fading from the Cupid’s bow) By the end of the third hour of wearing my lips look awful. Sometimes they even look and feel sticky. I understood that the sticking factor depends on my lips condition. These products will never survive fatty food, or any food actually.

The lippies are rather comfortable while wear. They never dry out or tighten my lips.

The bottom line

The colors in the collection are great and the color range is huge, everybody will find a color to match. They all look different in different lighting. The products are versatile as I can do my lip and eye make-up with them. (as an eyeshadow and eyeliner). The aroma is pleasant and the design is out of this world! The staying power is shitty with just about 2 hours and a half of wear. In general the products are of a good quality, though they have a very big drawback. I like cosmetic products that make me look more beautiful, as these lippies can do too, but I’d have to baby them for a long time.

Probably I’ll be able to find a better product for the money, I don’t know.

I can’t say that the Kat Von D lippies are bad, no, they are okay but I truly don’t understand why they are so hyped.

I assess them with 3 stars. Not bad, not good either, something in between. I thought of giving them 4 stars because of the colors but then I remembered how sheer they look and still opted for 3 stars ultimately.

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