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Written on Monday, May 22, 2017

I had been thinking a lot if I really needed this palette or not. At first, I was absolutely indifferent to it. But the more I was looking through swatches and reading reviews, the more I wanted to buy it.

Made: U.S.

Net Weight: 16 g

Expiration: within 24 months of opening

Price: $34 on the official site

On the palette cover is Venus Botticelli, I think everybody has heard of her. But Lime Crime sees her differently, in the up-to-date interpretation-with blue hair and nails. And it looks as though the Venus is wearing the eyeshadows from the palette.

I feel quite comfortable with the size of the palette. It closes tightly with a magnet. Even if transported, it won’t pop open. At the back of the palette, we can find all the information about the ingredients, weight and so on.

In general, the outer look of the palette provides me the greatest aesthetic delight. The first days after it had arrived to me, I was holding it in my hands all the time. The design is well-thought out and very creative. I always struggle the desire to endlessly take pictures of it.

So, let’s pass over to the content:

Inside, the palette is also very beautiful with a convenient mirror. The colors in the palette bring me even more delight, than the design and the outer look. I mean, can you imagine what I feel each time I use it? The color selection in the palette is very harmonious. They all match each other very well.

Let’s look at each color separately:

Venus: The color of bruised fruit. It’s very fashionable. It’s of satin texture.

Shell: Opalescent shell-pink (glow). Actually, it looks more like the inside of the shell.

Aura: Golden ivory (glow). It looks like light gray with some golden casting. It looks great in the inner corners. But, not only there.

Creation: Rust brown (matte) Despite it looks quite strange, the color is wearable. Ideal for a grunge make-up.

Icon: Dirt brown (matte) with golden shimmer, which isn’t seen on the eyelid, by the way. When you need to neutralize the red pigment in make-up, this color will be perfect.

Rebirth: the color of an over-ripe nectarine (matte). Solo, on the eyelid it looks like bright neon color. Even for me, the lover of the bright and interesting make-up, this color is too bright and I use it only as the accent color.

Divine: Dusty stone (matte). I don’t know how to describe this color, for me it looks like sepia with red and gray shades. I love it very much for its characteristics, which can be described as the name of the product itself. It suits for blending of darker shades, as well as solo.

Muse: Deep burgundy red (matte). The color of cherry. It so beautiful. I think, it’s a little bit dry, alike others, but still, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

And all the colors together:

On the swatch with a flash, Creation, for some reasons, looks as though it has shimmer, but, it doesn't actually.

And, finally, make-ups!


I used Aura, Shell, Icon, Divine. It had a glowy peach look.


This has a look of a modern red smokey eye. I used Rebirth and Muse.


The easiest makeup.

Divine + eyeliner. In life it looks more dramatic


One more “quick make-up”. I used Divine, Icon and Aura.


Here, the experiments begin. When there's nothing to do, I do my make-up with this palette to see its potential. Here I used Venus, Rebirth, Shell, Divine and Aura.


One of my favorites. It looks like the first, but only in the photo. In life, the difference in colors is well seen . I used Divine, Shell, Aura.


And the last, but not least. Also, one of the favorites. Divine and Muse + Aura shades.

Of course, these aren't all make-up looks you can create with this palette. It enables you to be creative and make up thousands of looks.

As for the quality, the eyeshadows are amazing and even without a primer they stay on as though glued to the eyelids. I don’t regret buying this palette and recommend it for those looking for something new. These eyeshadows are worth their money and it’s such a pleasure to use them!

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zazaqwerty recommends Lime Crime Venus Grunge Eye Shadow Palette

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