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Written on Friday, April 6, 2018



I love testing new cosmetic products and usually I buy Maybelline and Loreal mascara. So it’s rather obvious that I couldn’t pass by this new mascara with a tempting name Paradise Extatic.

It’s true that I hesitated at first since there were no reviews of it on the internet. I was somehow persuaded that I wouldn’t like the brush. But still the interest in new launch was stronger than all my worries.


Price $15



Size: 6.4 ml. Not much, though. I so got used to seeing the Loreal mascaras with a lot of content but here they were too greedy.

Made in Italy.


On the package you call find all the needed product info on both sides.





In the ingredients they indicate the product contains oils which are promised to nourish our lashes which is very pleasant.


Product says:

Take your lashes to paradise with intense volume and spectacular length. The Ultra-Soft brush coats lashes with a silky smooth formula; enriched with lash-loving castor oil. Lashes feel feather-soft; without any flaking.


- 90% saw intense & volumised lashes*

- +98% lengthening effect**

- 91% agree it doesn't flake*


*Consumer trial on 107 women / **Instrumental test on 24 women

How to use

Comb the Ultra-Soft brush through lashes by moving back and forth from root to tip. Layer multiple coats for even more volume.



I was pleasantly surprised to see the newly designed mascara by Loreal. It comes with a box which isn’t actually the brand's feature. The design looks girlish and cute. Its package contains gold and pink colors. I guess that the “rose gold” will work the finest here. The bottom of the tube is matte and metallic while the brush is glossy.


The tube is prolonged shaped.

The brush has a lot of hourglass-shaped bristles. It’s soft, rather dense with bristles and I find it fairly big. But maybe it’s of custom size for the tube it comes with.



Color: black

Texture: cream-like

At first the texture of the product seems to be the finest in terms of thickness.

The fragrance is classical for a mascara.


The stopper is good. It always takes out the right amount of the formula without any excess product sitting on the brush.

The brush turned out to be very pleasant to use. Even though I don’t like such brushes and usually avoid buying them, here I got used to it very quickly, from the first use, I can’t say that I had to try hard or anything. So, the Paradise Extatic mascara has become an exception for me. The brush is very delicate for my lashes and I’ve never pricked my eyes with its bristles. Only comforting feelings while using.



Let’s have a closer look at the brush:



No innovation here I think. Just a usual brush of an hourglass shape.



This is one more time when I get more proof that less is better. There’s no need for them to invent new brushes all the time.


My lashes


How will the Paradise Extatic perform on my lashes?


I’m jinxed when it comes to mascaras but this one has turned out to be so great for me. I couldn’t even have guessed that I’d like it right away and I wouldn’t even need time to tame it. From the first use the process of coating my lashes with this mascara was nice and pleasant. It didn’t take too much time either.


The brush neatly coats my lashes and one layer is already pretty enough.

Everything is here on the first go - lengthening, curl and volume. The product looks great on my lashes which I’m so happy about.


The only thing I’d like to draw your attention to is that this mascara can show a little bit of sticking together on your lashes. But it isn't that disastrous sticking as usual, no, nothing critical.

As for the clumping, I can’t say that there are many clumps on my eyes. There are some but they are so small that I barely see them.

My eyes feel nice with this mascara on the entire day. The mascara doesn’t irritate them and in general I deem its performance is nice while wear.


I haven’t noticed any fall out or product crumbling. The wear time is excellent and it doesn’t imprint on my lids either.

The removing is fuss-free with any regular face cleanser, including micellar water. The removing is simple and easy.


2 coats
2 coats


I don’t wear my mascaras two coated but here I’ll apply it to show you the result.

Those who love the drama effect on their lashes will love this mascara. 2 coats show maximum of volume and my lashes look bold and attractive. But there’s a small “but” existing for me. If you apply 2 coats then be ready to say hello to clumps and sticking together on the lashes. I don’t like it, so 1 layer is more than enough for me as it gives a fine effect even if applied with one coat.


2 coats
2 coats

I think that the product deserves 4 solid stars. There are some minor disadvantages but in general I think the new launch is successful.

I can’t say anything bad about it.


Have a great shopping day!



Well, I’d like to add some more things about this mascara after I’ve used it for some more time. Actually I want to speak you about one more disadvantage of it.

It seemed to be fine but within 2 weeks of use the formula has become too dry.

The application became drier and it’s very well-visible, you know. I’m so upset about it. After 3 weeks of everyday use the product became almost impossible to keep using.

All in all the mascara went only a month which isn’t long, is it? There are some mascaras from my collection that can be of the same consistency and can be used for several months.

So, I guess it might have been fair that I took off one more star for this drawback. So, be careful!


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