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Written on Friday, February 16, 2018



I love Maybelline mascaras. However, I have to admit that they aren’t always good or live up to my expectations. I’d say every other mascara is good by the brand. When I knew that they launched the new Total Temptation Washable Mascara I was really eager to give it a go. I was hooked on the design of the product and that on the fact that the tube doesn’t look like any other mascara of the Maybelline brand.



General information:

Price: $9.49

Size: 8.6ml

Made in Italy.



Before purchasing I was doubtful about the brush, as it looked almost the same as the previous mascara by Maybelline Big Shot which I didn’t like. Even though I prefer small mascara brushes, it usually becomes very difficult to find a good mascara with a good wand and recently I’m very unlucky to buy my Holy Grail mascara. But thank God this one turned out to be better than the previous one.



Design. I’m absolutely in love with the design of the product. It’s really something new by Maybelline that looks different. The design is very stylish, beautiful and cute. It’s run in pink shades and black logo print in the center makes the tube look very sophisticated.

The tube is matte and rather big. It’s a little bit tapered from the bush wand side.



On the stickers you’ll find all the information about the product.






The brush closes with a click. At first it was inconvenient to hold in my hand as it’s rather weird shaped - round in the back and flat in the front but I got used to it very quickly.



One more thing that I was also surprised by is the scent of the mascara. I couldn’t even expect that it smells like that. I can remember that all Maybelline mascaras usually smell of standard perfume agent for any mascara but this one smells nice!

Those who tried the L’Oreal So Couture mascara and know how it smells, will probably think that this Maybelline Total Temptation Washable Mascara smells almost the same. The fragrance is pleasant, vanilla and caramel-like (confectionary) and sweet. I deem many people will love it but also some will still be repelled.



The brush is rather big and furry. It’s made of synthetic bristles. The pack is very thick. The bristles stay quite randomly, which make it so alike with the Big Shot mascara brush. The bristles aren’t too stiff and they don’t prick my eyelids.



A closer look at the brush from different angles.


The color is very intense and as they say “the blackest black”


The Total Temptation Washable Mascara has a creamy texture. The consistency is average, not too runny and not too thick, just perfect.



And here’s the comparison of the new mascara with the recently launched Big Shot mascara.

Do you agree with me that both brushes look almost alike? The Total Temptation looks a little bit more furry and more packed with bristles.


My lashes.

My natural lashes are rather usual. They are long but fair at the ends and are of average thickness.



Total Temptation Washable Mascara in action


This is the first mascara that I am delighted with for the last time. I read the reviews of it and I can’t say that they were all positive, so I didn’t even expect anything superb from the product. But you know how it usually happens: the less you expect - the more you receive.



I liked the product from the first use. I didn’t even need time to get used to it. It coats my lashes well and doesn’t require any special skills.


Literally I need to use a few strokes and my eyes already looked efficiently defined.



The product applies on my lashes very neatly, coating each and every lash. It may clump them together though but the clumps don’t look huge.

I can’t say that it’s curling as I haven’t noticed any significant curl to my lashes. It’s just an ideal mascara for daytime makeup. What’s more, it won’t steal your time, as you’ll get your eyelashes beautifully coated within 3 or 4 minutes max.


If you like the drama effect on your lashes then with the Total Temptation Washable Mascara you’ll definitely receive it without any complications.



The second layer of the product applies well but still I have to separate my lashes in some areas. Even 2 layers of the product don’t overload my lashes at all. In total they look good.

If you still managed to stain your eyelid with a formula, then a q-tip will help you out.

My lashes feel light, soft and not at all overloaded. I also appreciate that they don’t stick out.



The wear is also very comfortable and the product brings no irritation to my eyes. No flaking of the product was noticed.

It washes off with any removing product - micellar water or any other face cleanser.

I’m absolutely delighted with the effect this mascara shows on my eyes and there’s nothing for me to be picky about.


If you have good lashes then I guess this mascara will definitely impress you. From me I can assess it with 4 solid stars. One day I’ll probably repurchase it.


Thanks for your attention!

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Tiffany_ recommends Maybelline Total Temptation Washable Mascara

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