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Written on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do you want to know about the budget-friendly analogue of professional nude palettes? That’s the MAYBELLINE The Nudes.

12 different hues of matte and shimmer textures will help you to create hundreds of interesting makeup looks for day and evening makeup. If you like to experiment with eye makeup, then, this review is for you!

1. Maybelline The Nudes Palette

2. General Characteristics of Maybelline The Nudes

3. My impressions of using Maybelline The Nudes

4. Makeup looks with Maybelline The Nudes Palette

5. Conclusion

1. Maybelline The Nudes Palette

The Maybelline brand has been surprising me more and more recently. I’m glad that they try to follow the latest trends, tendencies and are trying to adjust to the market’s needs and create products which all the girls are so eager to use. Even in crisis they managed to release good-quality, but still quite cheap analogues of high end products. I like their concealers, correctors, lipsticks, mascaras, and now I’ve tried their eyeshadow palette!

I bought it immediately as soon as it was delivered to our local drugstore.

The palette resembles very much with popular palettes by high end brands, but still, it costs 5 times less. Of course, I don’t say that it can compete with high end palettes, but as an alternative or the budget analogue, it’s just perfect.

In this palette there are fair and dark hues, and matte and shimmer ones. It seems that the palette was created for ordinary people, so that every girl could find exactly what she had been looking for. And even if you don't use all the shades, still most of them will suit you.

2. General Characteristics of Maybelline The Nudes.





Of course the manufacturer decided to save money on the design of the palette. But still, we should consider that each detail would make the palette more expensive. That’s the reason why there’s no mirror in it; and the material, I mean black plastic with a translucent top, isn't done of very good quality and is easy to scratch. But at the same time, the plastic case is very firm, strong and the palette closes tightly.

The hues.

In the palette, there are 12 different hues, suitable to every fancy. There are many fair hues, bright and shimmery ones for creating evening looks.

Lasting power

The lasting power of these eyeshadows is quite good. Of course, they may fall out, but if applied with an applicator and on a primer, then they can last almost all day.


I’d say, that it’s quite standard. Some hues are so well pigmented, that it’s enough to apply them in one layer, while others I need to layer a lot. But still, I think that the palette has medium consumption.

Made in Italy, L’Oreal

3. My impressions of using Maybelline The Nudes.

The first thing that I liked about this palette is that the hues are easy to match.

The second thing to notice was that there are some hues which will be quite beautiful as mono colors to wear and they’ll look beautiful on the eyelids.

The eyeshadows can fall out a bit if not applied with an applicator but with brushes. But, in general they stay on the lids well, even without a primer.

Since there are matte and shimmer hues in the palette, they will be great for day makeup, as well as for evening or festive looks.

4. Makeup looks with Maybelline The Nudes Palette

I’ll show you some makeup looks, which I created with this palette. And I still continue to experiment with it. My experiments aren’t always good, but still I want to show those which I haven’t forgotten to take photos of.

I took all the photos in the daylight. There aren’t any filters. Everything as it is in real life. Don’t judge too strictly, please Smile

I used the last 4 hues, fair grey, black and white.

Here I used the first beige hues in the palette with the eyeliner.

Here, I applied two hues: glittery beige and white with shimmer and the eyeliner.

I used the dark brown shimmer hue and the black one, I also added a bit of the light to the inner corners and under the eyebrow.

I used the shimmery yellow hue with black hue +eyeliner and light one under the eyebrow.

5. Conclusion.

I was thinking for quite a while about how many stars to give this palette. I was between 4 and 5. On the one hand, the palette isn’t ideal for me, but on the other, this palette is good for its price. It’s universal and has good quality. So, I decided to give it 4, as it can take time to get used to the product.

But, I absolutely do recommend it, and I’m very delighted with it.

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Juliy@ recommends Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

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