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Written on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hello there! Smile

Today I’ll speak you through the new product by Maybelline the Total Temptation mascara which promises bold and full volume.

Usually I prefer not to risk and buy a mascara unless I read a million of its review and look through a thousand of photos but here I decided to risk and treat myself with a new mascara.

So, this is a new product by the brand and now it costs $9.49.

While new, it’ll always be more expensive.

Packaging - lightweight plastic tube. One side is taped. This tender pink color reminds me of my childhood and I guess many people will love it too.


The product wasn’t sealed with a tape but it’s so usual for the brand. I’ve never seen their mascaras sealed.

Volume of the tube - 8.6ml. For example Lash Sensational has 9.5ml.

I understand that the scent of the mascara isn’t so important but here it’s unusually pleasant.

The brush isn’t silicone but classic. It isn’t small indeed.The bristles are placed very close to each other. They are long and stiff. I find the brush easy to coat my lashes with but still I don’t succeed at coating them the same looking on both eyes.

Consistency. The product didn’t require any time to become of a normal consistency. Once I opened it, it started to show good results.

Color - blackest black and very intense.

My lashes are dark, not thick and rather long. From a mascara I expect volume and long-wearing formula.

Here I applied 2 light coats. One coat is almost seamless on my lashes. This is probably because I didn’t get used to the brush shape but I always coat my lashes turning them to the outer corners.

The second coat may give clumps but it’s rather bearable. Be careful as the product doesn’t dry down immediately and you can accidentally stain your eyelids with it. The formula doesn’t overload my lashes and I feel comfortable to wear it the entire day. The mascara doesn’t flake off, so I don’t look like a panda by the end of the day. There are also no clumps. I wash it off easy-breezy with micellar water.

I haven’t been caught in rain or snow with this mascara on but I deem that it’ll smudge, as they don’t promise us any waterproof formula.

If you try to lift your lashes with the brush, then you’ll stain your skin, so I find it difficult to coat my lashes at the very roots because of long bristles.

I give this mascara 4 start with a huge credit for staying power.

Basically it has a lot of advantages but I expected some more volume and a more convenient brush. Recommend? Yes, if you want to try a new product but still I’d advise you to wait until the price becomes cheaper. (and of course take a closer look at the brush and try to understand whether you’ll like it or not.) But if you want volume and every lash coating from the very roots, then this mascara isn’t for you and I don’t recommend it then.

P.S. My Maybelline Lash Sensational and L’Oreal So Couture are much better.

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